Never, Ever Be Afraid?

Growing up, I was always afraid of lots of things . . . thanks mostly to a mom who was afraid of lots of things.

Dogs, water, strangers, non-Christians, dentists, doctors, the chain gang, and many more, too many to name.

At the top of the list, after she conveyed these fears to me, was a fear of failure and the future.

What if I didn’t make the honor roll?

What if I didn’t get A’s on my report cards?

What if I didn’t get into the right college or receive a scholarship?

“What if” caused the fears about my future.

If I failed at all the “what if’s,” what did I have to hope for.  Bottom line, it was fear of the unknown.  I couldn’t control the future or the unknown.

But someone else did, and still does!  Imagine my relief when I first read these words in Jeremiah:

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD,
 plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to
give you hope and a future.
As the quote from Corrie ten Boom above so aptly states, “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”  

His faithfulness to us has been declared in Jeremiah, and it has been confirmed through the ages. 

There is nothing we need fear with His sheltering arms about us. 


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8 thoughts on “Never, Ever Be Afraid?

  1. …."Dogs, water, strangers, non-Christians, dentists, doctors…" Yes to all of these! I'm smiling and thanking God for the sweet way He connects hearts miles apart,but oh so very close in matters of the heart. Your comments always resonate so deep in my heart. Now I know why. SO thankful, too, for a God who knows us better than we know ourselves, and who has a plan…such a beautiful plan for our lives….free from fear and overflowing in victory!


  2. Stacy, always so nice when you come by for a visit! Matters of the heart strangely coincide for some folks, and it seems so for thee and me! Perhaps that's why your posts always touch off a trace of tears or a quickening of the heart. :)Yes, it's wonderful that He loves in spite of all that He knows about us and plans so well for us in spite of ourselves.


  3. My mother was afraid of many things also. Thunderstorms, snakes, water, heights. For many years, I was also afraid–now I love thunderstorms (as long as they aren't too violant). Snakes I have a respectful fear and I love the water and mountains. Spiders are another matter. :)Anyway, the Bible says many times that we are not to fear. Our lives are in God's hands and yes, He has a plan for us and for our future.Blessings,JoanPS – Love the quote by Corrie ten Boom.


  4. Joan, were we separated at birth? 🙂 Seriously, I would never have thought someone else had a mother so full of fear. I too love thunderstorms and living in the Pacific NW don't get to experience them as much as I'd like, as long as they're not too violent. Snakes? That's another matter! Spiders too. :)So glad has our lives in His hands and that His plan for us is thought out already.Love Corrie ten Boom's writing!Blessings,Sherrey


  5. Peggy, hello to you in the Phillipines! So glad you dropped in and I too hope you're children are learning not to be afraid from you. Dropped over to your blog and am no following on Google. Lovely artwork! Blessings as we proceed through the Easter season.


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