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On Fridays it’s always fun to join with the group over at The Gypsy Mama’s to write for five minutes on a word picked randomly by Lisa-Jo, THE Gypsy Mama.  I’m off to write about “real.”  Won’t you join us?


When I was asked to be a Mothers of Preschoolers mentor mom, I questioned my ability to meet the qualifications, one of which was being authentic.  I studied the word “authentic” and understood it meant to “be real.”  Could I be real with moms sometimes 40 years or more my junior?  I prayed, and I’ve tried, and I’ll try again this morning. When opportunities present themselves, I must tell my moms how things happened for me — I need to let them see the real side of motherhood, womanhood and life.

REAL means baring the skeletal part of my being a woman, a mom, a nurturer, and caregiver for my children and grandchildren.  Sharing the most disgusting times, the hurtful times, the joyous times.  Making sure each mom knew I had been there, done that, whatever it was she was faced with and struggling to understand.

Yes, I have changed my share of dirty, sometimes really nasty diapers.  Everyone who has knows this is REAL.

And I have cleaned up vomit from bedsheets, floors, car seats, patios, babies, myself, someone else — REAL stuff!

I have to admit that I was hurt by my first husband who had no capacity for love either for me or our son.  REAL hurt comes in a divorce sometimes.  And mine did.

Yes, I have experienced REAL joy and love from my son and my family who supported me as a single mom for almost 11 years.

And I experienced the REAL love of God when he brought me face-to-face with my second husband of almost 31 years now, who became for my son an example, a friend, a dad.

REAL is who we are, where we are, how we are in the face of God and all those around us.  To hide our REAL is to hide what God has made us to be, helped us to encounter and face down, and to embrace and feel joy, love and goodness.

I love being REAL!



10 thoughts on “Real — Five-Minute Friday with Gypsy Mama

  1. "Making sure each mom knew I had been there, done that, whatever it was she was faced with and struggling to understand." I prefer when moms on the other side of parenting talk about how it "really" is. Helps me know that I can get through these times. 🙂


  2. Sara, so nice to see you here. I've left a longer comment on your blog about your post, my post, and our growing relationship online! 🙂 Fondly,Sherrey


  3. Tereasa, your words bring such joy to my heart! To know I was really missed is awesome. And yes, we're back. Traveling to care for an ill sibling is never easy but I guess at the end of the day we can say every time we're together with Bob's brother is fruitful because God gives us one more opportunity to share time and fortunately long ago memories. Thanks for the heartwarming words!


  4. Sherrey, you ARE a gift to us MOPS moms. Thank you for being authentic and genuine. Thank you, most of all, for sharing your time and love with this community of mothers. We appreciate you so very much.


  5. Megan, so great to see you here! Thanks for your kind words — you know I love what I do and you moms make it such a gift to me as well. 🙂 Took a peak at your blog, and loved seeing the AZ photos and the baby pix. Blessings and love,Sherrey


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