Can You Hear Me Now?

Several years ago Verizon Wireless ran an ad campaign with this image spread across our TVs, newspapers, magazines, the Internet.  Who didn’t know who owned the tag line, “Can you hear me now?”

Verizon had adopted the slogan “We never stop working for you,” with commercials showing a Verizon employee walking about in strange places continuously asking, “Can you hear me now? Good.”  This was a representation of Verizon’s test technicians.  Later, when networks expanded, Verizon continued to use the image but not the words, “Can you hear me now?”

Yesterday I was reflecting on how fragmented our lives can become if something goes wrong with one of our many technology systems.  We can instantly be disconnected from family, friends or business associates.

If we can’t do it right now and send it right now and have it there in a matter of minutes, we feel disconnected.

If the computer crashes, we feel disconnected.

If the cell phone battery isn’t recharged and goes down, we feel disconnected.

If the voice on the GPS isn’t working just right and we can’t get directions, we feel disconnected.

What if no one listens to what we have to say?  We feel ignored, and disconnected.

Let’s stop a moment . . . and think about the Great Connection we have that is never disconnected, unless we disconnect it ourselves.

How does God feel when we don’t respond to His whispers, His nudges?

And it’s easy to do in this busy world of run here, go there, pick up this, pick up children, make dinner, do the laundry.

It’s easy to forget that God is waiting, listening, hoping to hear from us, for some recognition that we know He’s still there and waiting.

God is a connection that’s always available.  Have you stopped to listen today for what He might want you to hear?  Do you think He ever asks, “Can you hear me now?”


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10 thoughts on “Can You Hear Me Now?

  1. Such good thoughts, and reminders – thanks! I loved this: "Let's stop a moment . . . and think about the Great Connection we have that is never disconnected, unless we disconnect it ourselves." So wonderful to have this connection – all of the time – every day.


  2. Jennifer, I'm humbled by your gracious comments. I'm always honored when you stop by for a moment and share with me. Your post today was a "blow me away" piece of writing!


  3. Can you hear me now, I love that phrase related to God. I learned in a Beth Moore bible study a while back that prayerlessness is a sin, it's a missed opportunity, he's waiting to hear from us. It's sad that he would have to command in his word that we spend time with him, that we prayer, when it should be our desire.


  4. Sherrey – I wrote about this same thing last year. In a few weeks, my husband and I will be taking an Alaskan cruise – away from computers, away from Facebook, I will be away from blogging. Yes, we will have our iPhones, but most of the time they will be in airplane mode, for part of the time we will be in international waters and a foreign country. (Don't want an exhorbitant cell phone bill when we return.) I'm actually looking forward to it – being able to spend time with my husband and seeing more of God's beautiful creation. I feel confident that I will come home refreshed and restored and connected!


  5. Beck, I'm learning so much right now through our experience with my brother-in-law about the need for prayer 24/7, and that's what God wants us to be — in prayer 24/7 wherever we are, whatever we're doing, whomever we're with. And it can be, if we lift a silent prayer to Him in love and faith. Yes, He's waiting on us, and He shouldn't be the One waiting.


  6. Joan, what a coincidence that we should write about the same thing about a year apart! I think your cruise away from technology and up to Alaska sounds fabulous! We all need to disconnect from every now and then from the fragmented life we live, but I know that you'll never be disconnected from God. Such a woman of strong faith you are. I derive so much from your writing, both in my faith journey and in encouragement for my own blog writing.


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