Fine Tuning


Sometimes, like my piano, I need a tuning, often fine tuning.

Fine tuning to adjust minute details inherent to my persona which have gone viral.  That is to say, out of control.

My words may fling themselves at others with barbed or bittered emotion.  Not because I intend them to, but because I have allowed myself to become stressed in my busyness.

My attention to those around me may lack sensitivity and love.  Not because I intend it to, but because I’m wrapped up in the activities that are mine, about my interests.

My nearness to God falls short of the line that marks His hand on me.  Not because I intend it to happen, but I lose my focus on him in all my busyness.

Definitely time for fine tuning.

Just like my piano, which needs to be dusted off, its strings tightened and adjusted or replaced, its tones checked one against another, so that its beauty will be projected from within.

Fine tuning — adjusting my focus on God first, then on what passes my lips, and then on my attention to those closest to me.

Giving thanks for God’s understanding and patience with me.  And adding that to my continually growing list of 1000 gifts:

597.  God’s patient understanding each and every day.
598.  Wonderful week at home with my best friend and husband.
599.  Continued healing of friends and family, especially a sweet little 7-year old girl.
600.  Beauty of the book, Where Lilacs Still Bloom, by Jane Kirkpatrick.
601.  Summer sun.
602.  Successful life-saving by nurses caring for my brother-in-law.
603.  A friend’s return home following surgery.
604.  God’s gift of a wonderful day spent with MOPS leadership planning our coming year.

Linking up with Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience and the counting community.  Won’t you come and join us?



6 thoughts on “Fine Tuning

  1. Love that you’re involved in MOPS! I’m hoping to give it a try this year…

    and you know me well enough to know this post touched my heart. Thank you, Sherrey! Hugs to you!


    • Nikki, I’ve been involved in MOPS now for six years, first as a childcare provider and now as a mentor mom for 4 years. I love interacting with the moms and in some instances, watching their faith grow. I hope you get a chance to at least visit a group this year. I think you’d be perfect in a group! Glad my “fine tuning” touched your heart. Love you, Sherrey


  2. Hi Sherrey! You were my neighbor at Ann’s today, so I thought I would drop in. As a musician, this post resonates deeply within so many areas of my life. “Its tones checked one against another.” Thank you, thank you for that line.

    May our wonderful Savior drench you with much grace this week. {Philippians 1:9-11}


    • Hi Sarah! Your comments and thoughts warmed my heart. Your words are so poetic and lovingly written. So glad to learn you’re a musician. Music is a vital part of our lives as husband and wife. May you see God at work in your life in many ways in the coming days.


  3. Yep, that business of fine-tuning is a regular need in my life. This daily “fine-tuning” would be a great message to share with your MOPS. My role as mom to my kids is the first thing I thought of as I read this. Thanks for sharing!


    • Stacie, thanks for stopping by and yes, “fine-tuning” is a daily ritual for me. Many moms find it difficult to find time to fine-tune, so your suggestion as a message for our MOPS is a great one! Thanks much!


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