Five Minute Friday — Stretching for Him

Friday morning has come, and it’s time to meet up with Lisa-Jo Baker — Tales of a Gypsy Mama for Five Minute Friday where we are challenged to:

1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking (so much more fun than having to write carefully!).
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Today’s word is STRETCH, and here’s my best five minutes . . . .Five Minute Friday


Let’s get something straight — I do not like to exercise.  Never have, likely at 66 I will never learn to like it.

But the word “stretch?”  Well, that’s an entirely different kind of exercise depending on why you’re stretching.

Each morning I stretch to get out of bed and then I watch our cat, Maggie, enjoy what appears to be the most luxurious stretch.  Maggie goes from being this short little cat into this v-e-r-y l-o-n-g cat.  She so seems to enjoy stretching!

God has called me to stretch this year, but unlike Maggie’s morning stretch.  Stretch myself in a new way to understand my husband whose heart is breaking.

Bob is angry.  Angry because his brother, his best mate is losing his battle with an insidious disease.  Bob’s brother has gone from vibrant last August to a mere shell today.  There is no one inside that shell.  Vacant eyes, unresponsive lips, inability to do the most normal things.

Needless to say Bob doesn’t talk about his feelings, but they are “seen” in a variety of ways in our lives.  I’ve had to stretch myself to learn that they are not directed at me.  The anger just needs to come out in whatever way possible.

Like a rubber band stretched to its limits and perhaps beyond, life for us will relax one day but we don’t know when.  God calls me to stretch, and so I do.


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16 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday — Stretching for Him

  1. Oh, sister- I am so sorry for this painful stretch that you are in. My Daddy is struggling with Alzheimers, so I understand this stretch. But what a beautiful perspective you have- and how blessed your husband is to have you by his side. Thank you for sharing your heart today!


    • Becky, thanks for stopping in today and reading my post. And thank you for sharing your own experience with me. I appreciate your encouragement through these difficult times, and am hopeful that you are able to be close with your daddy at this time, if not emotionally at least physically.


  2. Your cat could be part of a funny Childrens storybook- you described that so well! Lol Aside from that my heart goes out to you and your husband – one of my favorite quotes is “God will give you a rainbow for every storm”


    • Hmmmm? Maggie in a children’s book. I’ll have to jot down in my list of potential books to work on. Thanks for the tip! And thanks for stopping by today. I love the quote you left — I’ll be pondering that as we visit our family this weekend. Thanks so much!


  3. Oh, Sherrey, my heart broke as I read your post. I am so sorry for the grief and pain that your family is feeling. I am praying for you and your husband, right now, asking for comfort, for relief, for healing. My heart is with you today!


    • Jacqui, thanks for reading my post today. I appreciate your compassion and prayers, and I’m hanging to your words “my heart is with you toady!” That meant a lot. 🙂


  4. Hi Sherrey, I’m sorry for the sorrow you and your family are walking through right now.

    I’ve been browsing through some of your older posts and just wanted to let you know your words blessed me today. Thank you for writing.


    • Linda, I consider an honor to know you’ve spent time with me here today. Spreading God’s Word is a passion that fosters the beginnings of my writing, and now the move to finish my memoir, which you can read portions of at Letters to Mama (

      Thanks so much for your compassionate expression for our family right now. It isn’t an easy time, but then dementia never is. Thanks for stopping by.


  5. We watched my mom battle a disease that stole her ability to talk in the end…brought some confusion etc. But one thing God showed me is that He is able to speak into those in that condition, even when it seems like they are vacant. I’m convinced she could still pray and talk with Him in some way we never knew. God is with your loved one too… I know how difficult it is and pray His peace over you and your husband.


    • Pam, thanks for sharing your heart with me. It brings comfort as we walk through this journey with our family. And I do believe God is able to speak into people like Jim and your mom. As we’ve said all this last year, we don’t know what Jim understands or what he can grasp but we do know God surely still reaches him. Appreciate your prayers for His peace.


  6. Oh friend, I see your heart here. What a beautiful 5 minute write…

    and it’s so not fair. that stretch is so painful for everyone involved.
    will keep you in my prayers.
    trusting while you stretch you feel the heat of His embrace…hugs to you!


    • I can tell you that we both feel the heat of His embrace, comforting heat. We go tomorrow for a 3-day visit. This Sunday is their 57th wedding anniversary. Couldn’t bear to see our SIL alone on this the first anniversary since his diagnosis and the not knowing her.

      I appreciate your words “I see your heart here.” I can always tell when He’s sitting on my shoulder “dictating” what I’m to write. Reflections such as this come from my days as a secretary when I still took dictation. 🙂 But I mean it — I can feel His presence and when I do, I know the piece is going to be one of my better ones.

      Hoping things are improving at home with your little one. Saying prayers.


  7. My heart breaks for your husband. I will be praying for you both. Asking God to draw closer as you lean on Him. This type of stretch is most painful.


  8. A lovely honest post. It’s sad that those closest to us often take the brunt of our feelings, but you’re showing love just by being there, and I think God loves that too. Keep holding on. I know I appreciate people who are there for me.


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