Counting 1000 Gifts with Ann Voskamp: Gift of Trust

Lately trust has been all we have.  It seems our friends and family have been beset with many struggles.

Our prayer list has grown long, longer than I can remember it ever being.  From the very young to the eldest friend, including some we know of only because of a relationship with a family member.

What this lengthy prayer list has taught us is the trust we have in the Lord is one of the greatest gifts ever received.  Our trust in Him is a gift if we but only answer His call to stay steadfast.

Continuing to count 1000 gifts with the Multitudes on Monday community, I’ll begin with this certain gift:

* * * *

623.  Gift of trusting in God.
624.  Good annual health check-ups for us both.
625.  A safe trip to visit family.
626.  Containment of a large wildfire near friends and family.
627.  Time spent with my husband’s brother and his wife.
628.  Helping our sister-in-law keep her daily pace.
629.  Returning home to cooler weather.
630.  Time and space to share our feelings with each other.
631.   Coping with the daily grieving of watching a loved one die.
632.  A local physician agreeing to help with an outreach program on Lewy body dementia.
633.  Exciting message from our youth pastor Sunday morning.
634.  Quiet Sunday at home.
635.  My husband making applesauce!

Linking up with Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience and the counting community today.  Won’t you come on over and see what it’s all about?


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  1. How funny it is that words that once seemed strange, like steadfast, take on greater meaning as I grow older. And the taste and consistency of that applesauce reaches perfection — I love my guy!


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