Five Minute Friday: Change

Remember how hard it was in school when the teacher said to get out your paper and pencil, and then told you what you had to write on that piece of paper?

Not at Lisa-Jo’s on Friday mornings!

Yep, we can write anything we want about one word (her choice) for five minutes.  No changes, no corrections, no backtracks.  And when we’re finished, we link up on her blog to meet new friends and find old ones visiting too.  Want to come along?

Today’s word:  change.


I’m at that stage in life where the word change makes my skin crawl.  Literally.  I look down and I see some fine lines and wrinkles, and those horrid age spots.  At least that’s what the doctor calls them.  And, of course, follows it up with something about this is what happens “at your age.”

Change isn’t always comfortable.  Pounds don’t drop off so easily.  And exercise doesn’t come so easily.  Bones ache more especially when arthritis decides to visit.

Oh, and get this one.  I mention to my hair stylist that I’m thinking of coloring my hair.  You see my hair is thinning and is fine, and a color gives it additional body.  She says, “Why would you want to do that?  The Master Stylist has highlighted your hair already with a lovely silver.”  Sigh . . .

I’m also noticing that I don’t hear as well as I used to or my husband, always a soft spoken man, is speaking much more softly these days.

Fortunately, there is a constant in all our lives that doesn’t change, and He’s holding my hand so I’m not as afraid of all this change as I thought I’d be 20 years ago!


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16 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Change

  1. 🙂 I loved reading this Sherrey! and I can actually relate to all of these changes except the silver hair, which is the only one that is meant to be embraced as a picture of wisdom. hmm. Why can’t I exchange these changes for that one?! 🙂 Ha! I’ve heard people say… You’re only as old as you feel” and I laugh because I feel so much older than I am. I keep telling my husband… I’ve already had hip surgery and I wear hearing aids. If I’m feeling “this age” already, I’m so doomed! Ha. But yes, I can laugh about it and continue holding on tightly to the one who is constant! God bless!!


    • Stacy, so glad you came to visit! And it’s wonderful to know that someone read my words and can relate, except for the silver hair. 🙂 I too feel much older than I am. I retired in 2006 and in this last six years I’ve had five orthopedic surgeries. Now, that will make you feel old and falling apart! We’ll just be doomed together if we’re feeling this age so soon. But thank goodness for God standing along side us. Blessings!


  2. Wow, Sherry! So honest and real… and I’m not too far behind you, either! I was just praying and thanking the Lord once again that He is unchanging, even when all around us, even our very selves, seem to be morphing into something we no longer recognize! Enjoyed my visit to your place today!


    • Richelle, I don’t know what made me take off on that line of thinking when I saw the word “change.” Oh, yes, I do — He did. It’s a struggle growing older and realizing what you can’t do any more and looking and seeing a different you. God was giving me a reality check. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed visiting today!


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  4. Oh, you be proud of that mane He’s graced you with, friend. You’ve earned it 😉

    You make me smile, your skin crawling…My great grandma used to call them “wisdom lines” and I couldn’t agree more….

    So blessed by you and grateful you take the time to share some of your wisdom with us!


    • What a lovely way to start the day reading your sweet words! You know when the words “Master Stylist” left her lips, I knew then and there I’d never cover up my silver. 🙂

      I like “wisdom lines.” I may use those words with my MOPS moms.

      The feeling of blessed is shared. You too are wise but much sooner in life than some of us!


  5. Your stylist has style! This post was so real AND beautiful. You have me smiling with your wise words. You are beautiful, even if changes occur outwardly because you reflect Him so sweetly. You can be nothing less! 😉


    • Dawn, you have me blushing! Such lovely words you’ve left for me, and I am humbled by them. Thanks so much for coming by. 🙂


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  7. I just got my hair colored today. I am not yet in a place where I can embrace my silver. Oh and the lines, the extra padding, the body aches. I am aging, but so thankful that the Rock of all Ages is with me, holding my hand along the way as I go through these changes.


    • You are much younger than I, Barbie, and not to that point that you want to flaunt any silver. But life is changing for each one of us day by day. The wonderful truth in all that is that His hand holds ours and gives us what we need to meet each day. 🙂


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