Counting 1000 Gifts with Ann Voskamp: Gift of Patience

One needs extraordinary patience to delve into the genealogical search for one’s family tree’s roots.  I started looking into my father’s roots today, with only minimal success, but it was more than I had known previously.  Fortunately, today this doesn’t mean digging through old record books.

Photo Credit makes the searching somewhat more manageable, but somehow it doesn’t provide a patience factor.

Scrolling through screen after screen I finally located my father in the 1910 census.  It told me something I wanted to confirm.  He had indeed been taken from the orphanage and back to live with his mother, his two siblings and his mother’s new husband.

I still have questions but I have this one answer, and for that I’m so grateful.  Sorry for the childhood he had but ever so grateful to know a piece of his truth.

Continuing to count 1000 gifts with the Multitudes on Monday community:

* * * *

636.  Finding TV and radio support for our efforts in supporting the Lewy Body Dementia Association advertise their awarenss month in October.
637.  Meeting with three fellowo contributors to an anthology over dinner.
638.  Learning that our friends’ brother-in-law is healing from a biking accident.
639.  Joy of good weather.
640.  Attending a lovely wedding over the weekend on the banks of a nearby river.
641.  Meeting the groom, whose parents were told he’d never speak an intelligible word, and he is a miracle and a gift to all who meet him!
642.  Patient and loving husband who took care of me yesterday and today.
643.  Patiently researching and learning some of my father’s childhood history.

Linking up with Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience and the counting community today.  Won’t you come on over and see what it’s all about?


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2 thoughts on “Counting 1000 Gifts with Ann Voskamp: Gift of Patience

  1. Sherrey, This is such a lovely little post. A lot of thoughts in a few words…just brilliant! Made me think about my own quest to learn more about my family. I joined not too long ago as well. It\’s amazing the pieces you can find – though, like you, I suspect all of the answers will never be so neatly packaged. Very nice post! ~Karen


    • Karen, thanks for stopping by to read and visit. I’ve often wondered about my dad’s family, so much mystery, and now I’m finding that mystery included false information, perhaps information never truly known. Now to unravel like a knitting project gone bad! 🙂 I appreciate your thoughts! Sherrey


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