Praying and Walking

I have read several posts by others on the subject of praying while walking.  Recently, I have begun to start taking short walks outdoors on hard surfaces.  I enjoy walking outdoors but have had to wait for the surgeon to release me to this activity.

Today as I left to walk I set myself a pace for praying while I walked.  From our driveway to the corner, I prayed for a girl named Addy.  Addy is young, and she’s battling cancer.

Then from that corner to the next I prayed for the brother-in-law of some friends at our church.  Jim had a biking accident which has paralyzed him and he’s facing months of rehab.  Miraculously in the last couple of weeks Jim has begun to have feeling in his limbs.

And for several minutes I prayed corner-to-corner.  Suddenly I came upon a swarm of swifts, in and out of trees, higher and higher, perching on utility lines and fence rows.

And my prayers shifted to prayers of thanksgiving.  For Addy’s constant positive attitude, for Jim’s returning feeling in his limbs, for others who are recovering.  Giving thanks for the beauty around me — the swifts’ dance and song, the lingering summer flowers, the smell of new-mown grass, the sun high in the sky, another day of sun in the Pacific NW, for life itself.

Before I knew it, my walk had come to an end and I realized exercising isn’t so bad when take Him along with you.


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