Thankful Heart Still Counting

After reading Ann Voskamp‘s book, One Thousand Gifts (actually I’ve read more than once), I began seeing things differently.  Colors were brighter.  Details sharper.  Voices clearer.  Life more alive.

I then began to think on why this was as I was counting one night.  No, not counting money — counting my gifts for that day.  And it dawned me.

Because I’m more alive,

more in tune with the Maker of these gifts,

more in tune with the world around me.

Then, I knew I would count!  I’d always shown gratitude before, or at least I thought so.  But now everything was so much richer.  And I love counting and giving thanks for His gifts to me.

I will praise God’s name in song
and glorify him with thanksgiving.
Psalm 69:30 (NIV 1984)

What about you?  Try counting just for a day, and you’ll see what I mean.

* * *

645.  Opportunities to pray for people at home and around the world.
646.  Beautiful, lasting summer days.
647.  Signs of nature dealing with her beginnings and endings.
648.  Diversities accepted.
649.  My husband’s ability to begin to verbally express his feelings about his brother.
650.  Opportunities to serve in our home church and our community.
651.  Time with our son and his wife.
652.  Friends I’ve never met face-to-face but via the Internet.
653.  Writing successes.

If you’d like to learn more about counting your 1000 gifts, hop on over to Ann’s for Multitudes on Mondays.


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    • Counting gifts makes me so aware of where He is in my life at all times. BTW, I’ve stopped linking up everywhere I’ve been participating. I felt so unfocused on what He is really wanting of me right now. I’m focusing on my book writing and just encouraging from my blogs. Hoping you understand!


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