Catching Up and Catching Our Breath

Once a month, as many of you know, we travel to help care for my husband’s brother.  Jim doesn’t know we’re there, but his wife, Helen, does.

This past weekend we followed in her footsteps as she fed Jim three times a day (usually taking an hour), picked up dirty laundry, asked questions of the nursing home staff, and then hurried home to catch a few moments of rest.

In between those tasks, we tried to take in some social and cultural activities to give Helen another eye on the world.  By yesterday, driving home, we had left Helen behind to begin another week on her own.  If we are exhausted, Helen be totally spent.

Seeing through her eyes, feeling through her emotions, and walking in her shoes just for four days gave us an entirely different perspective on our own lives.

Be thankful for what God has given you.

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663.  Our health.
664.  Once again, safe travel.
665.  Jim’s caregivers at the nursing home.
666.  Helen’s unwavering love for Jim.
667.  Newspaper reporter in our town willing to tell Jim’s story and help get the word out about this little-known dementia.
668.  Reconnecting with an old family friend from Jim and Bob’s childhood.
669.  Helping others in the nursing home while there with Jim and Helen.
670.  Looking through the lens of others’ lives to see the many gifts we receive daily.
671.  God’s Word to continually encourage us.
672.  Two residents at Jim’s “home” — one celebrating 99 years of life and the other reaching her 100th birthday and both still in fine form.

If you’d like to learn more about counting your 1000 gifts, hop on over to Ann’s for Multitudes on Mondays.


2 thoughts on “Catching Up and Catching Our Breath

  1. Oh what love won’t go through for another…it’s relentless. No wonder God is Love….

    So glad you are lifting Helen up through this, Sherrey. thank you.
    Love and hugs to you, friend!


    • Oh, if we didn’t have God and His love, what would we do? It’s tiring but seems so natural to be supporting Helen through this. And with friends like you encouraging us, we can do this!

      I’ve stepped away from as much blogging as I was doing and am no longer doing any of the link-ups just because time has become an issue with our travel and I need more time to work on the book I’m writing. I miss “chatting” with you as much as before but know that you have a permanent place in my heart and can come for a chat any time. 🙂

      Love you, dear friend!


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