Sowing Seeds of Grace Nominated for “Inspiring Blog Award”

Today I am humbled and pleased that Sowing Seeds of Grace was nominated for the “Inspiring Blog Award” by Kathy Pooler (@kathypooler), a fellow writer and blogger and, when needed, my lighthouse in a storm. Kathy’s blog, Memoir Writer’s Journey, was one of the first I found when I began seriously drafting my memoir.  And to date, I’m following Kathy’s journey as she draws nearer the finish line in writing her own story.   Kathy’s cyber-friendship is a gift.  Thank you, Kathy!

As is required, all nominees are requested to list seven little-known facts about themselves and then pass this award on to seven other deserving bloggers.  In my writing, I have already shared ordinary facts about myself, but I’ll try to think up seven more:

1. I won an essay contest in the sixth grade writing on the Battle of New Orleans.

2. I have a grandson graduating from high school in spring of 2013 who has served for two years in JROTC.  Way to go, Kory!

3. I just became a great-aunt with the birth of an adorable little girl named Eloise.

4. I despise shopping in malls and avoid it if possible.

5. I listen to certain genre of music (soft rock and movie soundtracks like Dirty Dancing) when my husband is not at home.

6. I’m addicted to chocolate.  Feel free to send some!

7. Despite my love of the sunny weather, I am excited when the fall rains return to the Pacific NW.  There’s something cozy about gray days.

Following are seven I follow for inspiration and/or spiritual enrichment:

1. Juanima Hiatt Author.  Juanima has an amazing story to tell of her recovery from post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD).  In her book, The Invisible Storm shares her story.  Juanima’s courage in telling her story inspires me.

2. His Pen on My Heart written by Tereasa, who shares her story of escaping an abusive situation which her affected her entire family.  Here again by this young woman’s courage inspires me.

3. My Rite of Passage, written by Belinda Nicoll, shares not only the her story of expatriation from South Africa to America, but also advice for other writers.  Belinda’s memoir, Out of Sync, has riveted me to my chair the last few hours.  I forced myself to give it up to post this.

4. Redemption’s Beauty with Shelly Miller.  Shelly’s tagline on her blog reads, “Stories that make people think differently about life.”  That’s what she does for me.

5. Simplystriving with Nikki Laven, who has an extraordinary way of writing the most beautiful prose and lifting my spirit to new heights while sharing her life as wife and mother.  Separated by miles and years, we have spanned cyberspace to become friends.

6. Sara Heer blogs at For the Beauty of the Earth about her life as a wife and mother of three very different boys.  Sara can make me laugh and cry all at the same time.

7. Lisa-Jo Baker: Tales of a Gypsy Mama is inspiration for my work as a mentor mom for Mothers of Preschoolers.  Lisa-jo likely doesn’t know how often I’m on her doorstep looking for ideas to encourage my moms.

You are all amazing women — thanks for inspiring me!

As the guidelines go:

1. Link back to Sowing Seeds of Grace;

2. Reveal seven little-known facts about yourself;

3. Nominate 7 of your favorite bloggers for the “Inspiring Blog Award”, and contact the nominees and give them the guidelines.

Now it’s your turn to spread the link love.  Inspiring one another is what it’s all about!


8 thoughts on “Sowing Seeds of Grace Nominated for “Inspiring Blog Award”

  1. Aww… This is so nice! I am honoured to be grouped with such amazing women! I have not been blogging very much over the last few months due to an injury and then travels. I am home for a week now before leaving again, so I hope to do some catching up over the next few days. I will consider putting this nomination in the cue. Thank you so much!


    • Tereasa, no need to be concerned about timing. It took me about a week or maybe a little longer to get my act together. 🙂 We travel a lot lately because of my husband’s brother’s rapidly declining health and so about every 3 weeks or so we’re out-of-pocket, which cuts into writing time. So, I definitely understand. And although I don’t comment often, I read your posts from Facebook mostly.


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  3. Congratulations, Sherrey! And wow, I’m completely humbled and honored to be put into such a group of women that inspire me daily. Thank you.

    After reading more about you, I see why we’re so kindred 😉
    Trust you’ve read some of my about me posts recently.
    I’ll remember this, friend. and I cherish you. thank you!!


    • Thanks, Nikki! The congrats are appreciated. And you do inspire me in so many ways. I must confess I’m behind on my reading right now. Our trips to help caregive have increased to every 3 weeks. And then it takes a week to deprogram and deal with the heartache. I’ve been trying to decide what I can let go of — writing, blogging, reading, sewing and quilting, and/or knitting. Bottom line, I love them all, so I’m work seriously on time management and finding my way into a workable day’s schedule. I will catch up one of these days. I’ve been wanting to write to you and explain my “quietness” online. I’ve stopped doing link-ups and that has helped some. Sigh . . . I could go on but shouldn’t cry on your shoulder.

      You, dear friend, are so special to me, and I too cherish you. Wish we lived close enough for tea/coffee and chat. 🙂


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