Jesus said to the disciples,
“And surely I am with you always,
to the very end of the

Matthew 28:20 (NIV)

Often I struggle with remembering these words.
Such comfort, if only I recall them.

Jesus said it.

“Surely I am with you always.”

Always . . . forever . . . without end.

And it’s recorded in the Bible at Matthew 28:20.

I can go there any time and read the
words promising peace and security.

But sometimes I forget.  After all, I’m human.

Yet, when I remember them,
whatever the situation or stressor
falls away because Jesus is with me.

If you’ll let Him,
Jesus will always be with you.

And on this last Monday in October I express my gratitude to Him who is always with me:

700. Petitions for healing for our family from flu bugs answered slowly but surely.
701.  Two friends are making good recoveries from recent surgeries.
702.  Another friend’s husband just retired.
703.  Yesterday we celebrated great-granddaughter Kylie’s 4th birthday.
704.  Warmth and dryness against the cold and wet weather.
705.  Even thankful for the coziness of gray, misty days.

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