Counting Is a Blessing

Remember learning to count? 

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Likely we did not give thought to why we must learn to count.  Only that we were learning something new.

Then one day as we grew older counting came in handy:  counting cookies, playing games, keeping score, counting pennies and nickels.

But who would ever think it would become a blessing?

For me, that’s exactly what counting gifts, His gifts to me, has become.  Of course, each gift is its own blessing.

But the mere thought that God loves me — ordinary, flawed me — so much that He blesses me over and over again, even in a single day!  It simply
takes my breath away!

* * *

717.  God’s Word so real this week.
718.  Healing from a respiratory virus.
719.  A good doctor, one who listens!
720.  Seeing things as brighter and not dimmer.
721.  Beginnings of recovery for friends in the east.
722.  A super fund-raising effort by our MOPS group — we can make it through the year now!
723.  Kindness shown by a friend.
724.  Simple gifts found in devotionals with my husband.

If you’d like to learn more about counting your gifts or Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts, hop on over to Multitudes on Mondays.


23 thoughts on “Counting Is a Blessing

  1. I think we oftentimes forget about the little things we seldom think about. The things that, when taken away, make us miserable. I give God thanks every day that He allows me to wake up, giving me another chance to do His work, to make my crooked places straight, to draw closer to Him, to love Him more, and to do His work. God bless you!


  2. We’re always just one heartbeat away from our last. It is only by His grace and good mercies that our hearts continue beating..especially when they have not been beating for Him. The biggest lesson we can learn in life is that we are only here to serve Him, give Him pleasure, and, as His feet, carry the truth of His Word throughout the world!


    • “The biggest lesson we can learn in life is that we are only here to serve Him, give Him pleasure, and, as His feet, carry the truth of His Word throughout the world!” Lyn, these words are so powerful. Thank you!


      • Thank you! I always see God as the head, Jesus as the voice (the Word), the Holy Spirit as the hands (the doer, gets it done), and then us…the feet. The lower part of HIS BODY, yet very important…He needs His feet…to carry Him through the world..that is why the earth is HIS FOOTSTOOL. 😉 That’s one way, at least, of looking at it.


        • Lyn, extraordinarily beautiful analogy! You are a blessing to me this week. We have just placed my husband’s brother on hospice care and it was a difficult weekend. Even harder having to leave his wife there to deal with the paperwork and details (they live out of town). Fortunately, a good Christian friend is with her or we would not have come home.


          • I am sorry sister. I know how that is, as I’ve worked in nursing, caring for the sick and the elderly since 1994. I also worked for a Hospice company for four years. My own grandmother died in a Hospice facility. It is never easy. Thanks be to God that when He is finally birthed into the Kingdom of Heaven, we will all be caught up very soon to meet our loved ones who knew Jesus!

            Before we are birthed into this world, we grow and mature in our mother’s womb. At the very momment we draw in our first breath, the death process begins. This life, just like the womb, is the womb of development for our eternal life…we will grow each and every day, either in Christ or in wickedness. This is our choice.

            Once we are fully grown in the spiritual womb of life, we are then birthed into eternity. If we know Jesus Christ and serve Him, we are birthed into the Kingdom of Heaven!

            I am assuming your brother-in-law knows Jesus. Assuming this, (knowing this is very difficult), think of this life as the womb..and he is being birthed into the Kingdom of heaven! Our eternity is forever…and it is more real than this life here…praise God! So, know that it is your brother-in-law’s spiritual birthday when his time here comes to an end. When he takes his last breath here, at that very second, he is taking his first breath in heaven. And, just as in childbirth when the proud parents are waiting to receive the baby from the mother’s birth canal… His spiritual Father in so proud to receive him. Right now, his head is crowning…the Father waits in anticipation to receive His son on the other side!

            Where here, there is mourning, in heaven there will be rejoicing! For the day of the death of a saint is a grande event in heaven! Bidallah! The light shines from the throne of God when someone gets saved on earth, and when a believer goes home to God….that is how all of heaven knows…the glory of God shines… Bidallah means come to God… I asked God once about colors in heaven…and He could not show me a color in heaven that we have not yet seen..our minds can’t perceive it. So He gave me the name. When I looked it up…it of course did not exist. But when I stared at it hard…I realized BID ALLAH… One of the definitions of BID is to come to…and Allah is just the Arabic word for God. (I have some Lebanese Christians I care for, and they call God Allah and Jesus Yes-SUAH… (Hebrew is Yeshua, as you know).

            I asked the Lord, “But what does it look like?” He told me it is every color that we know, and every color that we do not know, all at once..but the only way He could describe it to me was “Bright”. So bright that no man could look upon it and live. I know, that sound nuts! I don’t blame you if you think I’m crazy! This excerpt from book one in my trilogy takes place with my character Walter…but it is actually several conversations I had with the Lord. You will know for certain when you read it, as no person could think of these things God said to is too perfect…and I’m not! God bless you! I hope you’ll read it so you understand what I mean.



            • Your words bring great comfort. Yes, my brother-in-law knows Jesus — of this I am sure. I did read your post about your conversation with God. I do not think you’re crazy; I think you are highly attuned the voice of God. Your writing style is engaging and with this sample alone, you have peaked my interest in your book series. I’m so happy that you have commented here so freely. I’m enjoying the exchange. 🙂


            • Well praise the Lord, Sherrey! It sure is nice of you to say that. God bless you for making me feel so good! Thank you! I always enjoy the things you write here too…I don’t always comment because there’s nothing that can be added 😉 My mind is very active, though, and I do oftentimes think of something to say.


        • Yes, in His kingdom, we are so much more . . . we are His eyes to see need and answer the call to service, His hands to do that service, His feet to carry His word using our lips and tongues to tell His story . . it’s a never ending connection in the body of Christ.


          • Yes, of course we are so much more..through Christ. I am speaking symbolically of a position… being the feet of God means using our mouths, our eyes (always on Jesus), our hands, our feet, His Word, etc… Ephesians 6:10-20 God bless you! 😉


  3. His feet(us) are on the earth (God’s footstool) Acts 7:49.Heaven is my throne, and earth is my footstool: what house will you build me? says the Lord: or what is the place of my rest?
    Matthew 5:35, Nor by the earth; for it is his footstool: neither by Jerusalem; for it is the city of the great King. Isaiah 66:1, (as seen in Acts above) Thus saith the LORD, The heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool: where is the house that ye build unto me? and where is the place of my rest?
    Ps 199:105 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.
    (Now, think of this as you read all of these verses…..)
    Blessings! I am off to bed! Prayers for our nation….prayers for the body of Christ…prayers for the unrepentant and lost….and prayers for all of the children in the world! Don’t forget! Amen!


    • Lyn, thanks for the Scripture verses that tie in with your comment below. I have read them before but they didn’t immediately come to mind.


  4. This was supposed to be a lowercase H here:”It is never easy. Thanks be to God that when He is finally birthed into the Kingdom of Heaven…” Don’t you just love the typos? I wish wordpress would allow us to edit our own comments sometimes! LOL


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