Thanksgiving Week

How many years have I scrambled to pack the family up to trek to grandma’s house five hours away?  Or, after a long week at work (including overtime on the weekend), start in cooking on Monday just so I’d be ready for Thursday, the BIG day?  Too many!

So many in fact, I don’t think I remembered to be thankful on a lot of them.  Time for giving thanks just wasn’t available, or so it seemed.

Now, as empty nesters, and no one coming to our house, our bags are once again packed and at the ready.  But this year they wait for the phone to ring to tell us it’s time.

No, not time to come and eat turkey and stuffing, or to watch the first football game of the holiday season, or to play another game of Scrabble or work a jigsaw puzzle.

This year our going will be to say a final goodbye and give thanks for so many things which go unnoticed.

  • The importance of saying “thank you” to the people who have made a difference in your life, who came alongside and mentored, encouraged and inspired.
  • Noticing the needs of family and answering those needs, and then saying thanks when they step in to repay the favor.
  • Saying “thank you” to God for family, like them or not, they are specially chosen for us to be a part of who we are and continue the circle of our family’s life.
  • Extending gratitude to friends who step in to do the hard stuff, like meeting with hospice workers, holding hands when you can’t, keeping dry eyes when yours are drowning.
  • Remembering to say how much a special act meant when struggling to complete a project and someone steps in to make it easier for you to finish.
  • Recognizing the gifts of others, no matter how menial they may seem — housekeeping, maintenance, cooks and waitpersons — all those who’ve cleaned up and fed and nursed your loved one.
  • And the list goes on . . .

One life on this earth can make an enormous difference in how we view gratitude and thanks giving.  Unfortunately, he will be gone too soon for us, but not for God.  God needs him in a better place.

* * *

725.  The family I was blessed to marry into.
726.  The years spent traveling with my husband’s brother
and his wife.
727.  Shared hotel rooms and rental cars.
728.  Antique stores and finding treasures.
729.  Car shows, air shows, fabric stores, souvenirs.
730.  Sampling Hershey’s chocolate in Hersey, PA.
731.  Visiting Amish country.
732.  Laughter, laughter, laughter!
734.  Sharing our faith.
735.  Enjoying a shared love of music.
736.  My brother-in-law sharing his love of words
and mentoring me as I wrote.
737.  The gift of my brother-in-law’s life.

If you’d like to learn more about counting your gifts or Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts, hop on over to Multitudes on Mondays.


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