Echoes by Robin Jones Gunn (A Review)

After receiving Echoes by Robin Jones Gunn, I realized for the first time that it was part of Echoes coverThe Glenbrooke Series.  I have not read the two books preceding Echoes in the series, and I have no indication that it is necessary to read the books in order.

Having said that, I thoroughly enjoyed this lovely story of romance via the Internet.  Not only is the book well written, it captures your attention and I could not put it down.

Lauren Phillips is looking toward marriage to her fiance, who suddenly makes an independent decision to accept a job in New York City.  Lauren’s expression of discomfort with living in New York leads her fiance to unexpectedly break their engagement.

In an effort to help his sister, Lauren’s brother, Brad, arrives with a computer in hand and connects Lauren to the Internet and gives her a brief tutorial session in emailing and a tip or two on connecting socially online.,

Lauren is soon chatting online with a man who identifies himself as K.C. and a fellow Christian.  The common points in their lives are intriguing to both, and Lauren soon finds herself enjoying her communications with K.C.

But then the time comes when the idea of meeting face-to-face becomes  a reality.  Suddenly, Lauren turns away and walks away from the possibilities.  Leaving K.C. wondering why Lauren is a no-show, life begins to take them down a path that surprises both.

Gunn’s use of the Internet in a social way, showing the safe way to interact with others, is a much-needed inclusion in romance novels, and she has used it effectively here.

The setting of part of the book is in my home region, the Pacific Northwest, and I enjoyed her descriptions of the area.

This is a series I may go back and check out the first two books and likely will read others following it.  I highly recommend this book to both young adult women as well as anyone looking for a good Christian romance.

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Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group provided
me with a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes.