When He Calls . . .

In December 2012, I declared a season of retreat from this blog and social media. I was grieving, and still am, but also felt overwhelmed and confused about what God truly wanted of me in that time.

A couple of months ago Nikki Laven over at simplystriving contacted me about a guest post on her blog. Nikki’s requested flattered me because among the faithful, I consider Nikki one of the best writers in the community. We exchanged a couple of emails during which I bared my soul to Nikki. I shared that I felt God calling me back to this blog, but I experienced conflicting emotions about how to handle my book writing, blogging and more. I asked for her prayers, and proceeded to share a post with her readers a few weeks later.

One day I came across this intriguing sight, Paper.li. You can be your own newspaper publisher and, in keeping with the insistent need for writers to build their platform, I decided this might be a good way to get my name out there a little more. After all, I do want to publish this book I’m writing. And so it began.

Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning I found myself editing the curation that had taken place just as I had scheduled it to happen. It meant deleting some items, adding others, rearranging, and then publishing it by posting on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It took a lot of time! Time I could be placing elsewhere.

And suddenly one day driving home with my husband from a weekend trip, it dawned on me:

God was in the very middle of that newspaper publishing debacle I had created!
Right there in the very middle of it allowing me to take on something new
when He had the perfect outlet for me —

Spreading the joy and love of HIS SON’S NAME, not mine!

So, Sowing Seeds of Grace is officially resurrected. I don’t know how often my posts will appear or on what schedule yet. God is in charge of my days now, not me.

Often we get so overwhelmed with successes, and I have a had a few in my writing the last year, that we lose sight of the importance of someone else’s name being uppermost in our hearts and our days.


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  1. Sherrey, your heartfelt testimony is a lovely reminder of the gift of God’s presence in our lives. You are branching out and blossoming is so many ways and showing us all what faith can do. So inspirational. Keep shining on, my friend!
    Blessings and Hugs,


    • Thank you, Kathy, for taking the time to stop by. I know how busy you are and your support wherever you find me is important to me. I tried hard to see how I could fit my faith on the pages of Healing by Writing but it never felt “just right,” so here I am.



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