Almost a Year Since I Stopped Counting | Multitudes on Mondays

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 Image: Bible Study Space

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
Image: Bible Study Space

The last time I posted, and more importantly counted the gifts heaped into my life, it was almost Thanksgiving 2012. We left home on November 17th and my husband’s brother died on the 19th. We returned home early December.

Somehow during that stretch I lost contact with so many things habitual, one of them this Monday gathering. In fact in early 2013, I stepped away from this blog completely until last week.

Today I read Ann’s post on the statistical reports tying depression to the month of November. I know certain things about myself — a lack of sufficient serotonin production, a life and home in the dark gray of fall and winter in the Pacific NW, and the slow ooze of depression during this time of year due to a lack of light and good rest.

In that post, Ann wrote the following:

How we behold determines if we hold joy. Behold glory and be held by God.

How we look determines how we live … IF we live.

The strange quiet paradox of this — our lives change when we receive life with thanks  –and ask for nothing to change.

Let the rain fall in November.  Let the clouds scuttle west. Let the kettles whistle of better things.

And let the thanks rise.

Recently I have felt a miss, something not quite right. I first thought it was missing my brother-in-law, Jim. Or my efforts at helping my husband through his deep grief.

After reading Ann’s words, I knew it was time to throw off the shell of grief, or at least poke my head out, and start counting again. Time to “receive life with thanks.”

738.  The gift of words from Ann’s heart.

739. The gift of God’s constant love.

740. The gift of sharing with each other the blessings in our lives.

741. The flowers still blooming even in the changing of seasons.

742. The vine maple full of tiny birds this week.

743. The joy of an expected birth in January

744. The gift of this place of community in His Name.

* * *

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