Veterans Day and Thanks Giving

Veterans Day reminds us of many things. It reminds us of wars past and present, men and women who have sacrificed with their lives or lost some physical ability, families who’ve struggled while mom or dad is away or perhaps a son or daughter.

Deployment Ceremony (to Afghanistan) via National Guard on Flickr

Deployment Ceremony (to Afghanistan) via National Guard on Flickr

 Is it not fitting that on Veterans Day we stop and give thanks for all those who have secured our freedoms down through the years and for those who actively are working to continue those freedoms for us? Likely we should give thanks for these service men and women every day, but caught up in the busyness of our lives we forget, don’t we?

So, today won’t you stop and specifically pray for our military and yes, for our government. Both desperately need to be lifted to Our Heavenly Father each day.

This blog is where I regularly list my thanks for gifts recognized in the previous week, and so I continue today:

745. The freedom of religion enjoyed in our country.

746. The military personnel who secure each of our freedoms daily.

747. The families who share their loved ones with us to protect our freedoms.

748. A country where I can post here without the probing eye of our government.

749. The beauty of the Columbia Gorge in fall exquisitely colored with God’s paintbrush.

750. Safe travel to and from over the weekend.

751. Experiencing a musical masterpiece for the first time live.

752. Seeing friends from far away places.

753. The joy of anticipating activities on next weekend’s calendar.

756. The sound of a child’s laughter.

757. The beauty of a family gathered around a table to enjoy eating as one.

758. Continuing good weather.

* * *

If you’d like to learn more about counting your gifts or Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts, hop on over to Multitudes on Mondays.


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