So Many Thanks to Give | Multitudes on Mondays

This last week so many things have passed before my eyes on the news and online and even in life that giving thanks suddenly seemed so much simpler.

In the face of what others face and rise above, my gratitude list seems so insignificant. Yet, to God, it isn’t insignificant.

God wants to know that we’ve noticed the gifts in our lives. A gratitude list, no matter the simplicity of the gifts, is just the thing to let him know we’ve noticed.

But first, here are the things I noticed that made me stop and think:

Typhoon Haiyan’s devastation in the Philippines:

A 21-year old man named Shane Barcow keeps his sense of humor in the face of a crippling and life-threatening disease:

A great-niece posted a prayer request on her Facebook page for a tiny infant named Isaac, only seven weeks old, who underwent cardiac surgery last Thursday morning. His young parents frightened, hopeful, and full of faith asked for prayers over their baby boy. Doctors said there was an 80% chance the surgery would be successful. An update hasn’t been posted yet.

This morning I woke up to the news that the midwest has been hit by a storm system that is spawning tornadoes and more:

And these are only a few of the things happening in our world. Hungry and homeless people, diseases crippling and threatening life, tiny infants undergoing adult-like surgeries, weather flattening towns, and yet people rise above and make the most of the situation.

How simple are my gifts compared to theirs. And yet God’s expectation is that I will share my gratitude with Him.

* * *

This blog is where I regularly list my thanks for gifts recognized in the previous week, and so I continue today:

759. The home we live in.

760. Food on our table.

761. Good health.

762. Normal Pacific NW rainy fall weather.

763. Water to drink.

764. A place to sleep.

765. Knowing where all my family are, especially our children and grandchildren.

766. Freedom to give thanks openly here.

* * *

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