Thanksgiving Day Is Just One Day | Multitudes on Mondays

Only three days left before . . .

the turkey goes into the oven and pies are baked.

the house is overrun with people — mostly family but friends too.

football games abound on TV.

the young ones run and laugh and play.

long naps happen in the afternoon of Thanksgiving Day.

words of thanks shared around the table.

Odd — this Thursday isn’t the only day we do these things, is it? Well, football isn’t on TV in every house every day. Nor does Mom cook turkey and bake pies every day. And relatives don’t come by at mealtime every day. I don’t know about you but I don’t take a long nap every day either. The young ones? They run and play as much as they can each day.

But what about giving thanks?

Do we give thanks every day, every mealtime, for every thing? I try but I don’t always succeed in doing this. What I do know is that the Bible teaches this is what God wants from me — to be thankful in all things, big and small, ordinary and extraordinary, good and bad.

What about you? Is every day a day filled with thanksgiving? 

* * *

This blog is where I regularly list my thanks for gifts recognized in the previous week, and so I continue today:

767. Our forefathers who fought for religious freedom so that we might give thanks for every gift here.

768. The joy of hearing words of praise lifted to God on the Sabbath.

769. Little things — the sound of the wind, the squirrels scurrying through leaves and sunlight
coming through the windows.

770. For news of friends recovering from serious illnesses.

771. His voice in my heart in answer to prayer.

772. The comforts of home.

773. A husband who, even as we age, doesn’t shirk his responsibilities in caring for me
and our home.

774. That same husband when he supports and encourages my ministries
and writing activities

775. Traveling to visit family this week and the opportunity to give a hand to an elderly
sister and brother-in-law

776. The knowledge that God is with me every day.

* * *

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