Good to Me {God’s More-than-Enough}

Nikki at simplystriving offers the power of God’s Word and His “more-than-enough” presence in our lives.



We hold back. I’m not sure if the clinging is learned or if it’s in our human DNA, but I know it’s safer easier to keep a little in our grasp…just in case.

Friends, how this must hurt His heart, for He has never done the same.

My God gave all to save all.

My Savior sacrificed everything for the mere hope of … me. you. love. Take your pick–He offers it all.

And I know I can put ALL my hope in the truth of His promises. I am assured I can steady my heart on the ground of His goodness. So today, I will rise up and proclaim His glory. I will face this morn fully equipped with all He’s given me.

He’s given me life. love. joy.

And no one. Not one can take this from me. No one can steal what He’s given. (John 16:22

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