Reflection During Advent | Quote from J. Barrie Shepherd

It is almost as if that angel
had already tried the innkeeper,
but he had no time even to hesitate.

Already tried the soldiers
in the tavern down in Bethlehem,
but they were having too good a time;
and finally, as a last resort,
had come upon this pack of shepherds.

Image via Palestine Cry

Image via Palestine Cry

And these, at last, were folks who could hear —
could hear the best good news
this world has ever heard.
They were far enough “out of it,”
— don’t you see? — far enough removed
from what today we insist on calling “reality”
— the fuss and bustle, jostle and hustle
of the marketplace — just far enough away
to enable them to hearken to eternity.

The shepherds listened and then they acted.
They went, even unto Bethlehem,
and with haste to find
the Prince of Peace . . .

From “The Shepherds and the Angel Song,” Faces at the Manger by J. Barrie Shepherd