Joyfully Waiting During Advent

To stand watch, waiting for sunrise; to stand watch over a sick child;
These things call for alert senses and heightened awareness.

Standing watch demands an awareness of our surroundings —
Even when it seems there is nothing to watch for; even when it seems
nothing is happening.

Standing watch builds anticipation.
We must focus our eyes and ears to notice small and subtle changes.

Advent watching means we must be ready for surprises —
Surprises in the ways God seeks us out,
Surprises in the ways Christ comes to us;
Surprises in the joy and hope he brings even now!

~ From the liturgy for the Sunday, December 15, 2013 worship
service for Moreland Presbyterian Church

As we read this call to worship this morning, I began to wonder where the joy would appear in the list of things we were reading.

And then there it was — “Surprises in the ways Christ comes to us; Surprises in the joy and hope he brings even now!”

Candle of Joy

Suddenly it seemed joy filled our sanctuary and no doubt hearts all around to know that even now, without waiting any longer, He is bringing us joy and hope.

In our family it is the joy and hope of new life a short six weeks down the road.
And the joy of growing children in our lives.
Hope for continued healing for family and friends.
The anticipation in the eyes of children as they see lights and signs of the season.
The amazing responses during the Children’s Sermon today, little hearts learning about Him.

Can you feel it? Sense it? The surprises in how Christ comes to you. The surprises in the joy and hope He offers you.

Are you willing to share it with us in the comments below? I’d love to know what you’ve seen this past week in your life as Christ approaches you and fills your cup of  joy and hope.



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