What Do We Do Now?

Christmas is over, and it’s almost the New Year. For some, it is a time of dark days and depression as they experience the let down of Christmas without all the buzz of activity–the shopping, wrapping, baking and going from here to there.

How about you?

What do the days following Christmas hold for you?

Our family is scattered all across this country with two of our three children so far away we’ve not celebrated Christmas together in over 15 years. Our older son and his family live nearby, and our usual day of celebration together is December 23rd, or what we now call “Christmas Eve Eve.” This allows the grandkids freedom to take their little ones to visit other grandparents and family without the pain of warring parents.

Come Christmas Eve and Christmas Day it’s pretty quiet around our house. And we’re not complaining. We’ve reached that point in our lives when we can accept those two days as intended days of reflection.

  • reflecting on the day of celebration we enjoyed on Christmas Eve Eve
  • reflecting on the beautiful Christmas Eve candlelight service we participated in
  • reflecting on the year almost past and the changes in our lives
  • reflecting on what we might do differently in the coming year
  • reflecting on friends and family

And the list could hold go on.

But wait … another time of waiting has begun.

The wise men have yet to make their appearance and greet the Christ Child. These three souls won’t arrive until January 6th. Once again we are waiting.

  • waiting for the revelation of God the Son as Jesus Christ in human form
  • waiting for the wise men to arrive and see the physical manifestation of Jesus to the Gentiles
  • waiting to welcome the Light of God into the world
  • waiting for all that Jesus’ ministry was and is
  • waiting for the gift of His shed blood for us

No, Christmas really isn’t over quite yet. 

* * *

How do you handle the days after the celebrations and festivities surrounding Christmas? Join in below sharing your ideas.


2 thoughts on “What Do We Do Now?

  1. Hi Sherrey, I love the days after Christmas. Even during my darkest days there was a sliver of light and optimism in me. January is a month of optimism. I think about my garden and what new things I want to grow. I make my lists and buy my seeds and watch the weather for opportunities to get outside and putter. January means the days are getting longer again and by the end of the month, it is noticeable. Great post my friend. Happy New Year to you.


    • Grace, I totally get that “sliver of light and optimism” in the days after Christmas. No matter how dark our gray days may get, that light and hope is always there. I love the way you enjoy and think ahead about your garden. And yes, soon we’ll have longer days. Thanks for stopping by my little garden!


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