He Has Answers

This morning as we ran weekly errands I asked my husband to stop at OfficeMax so I could ask a couple of simple questions. Really, they weren’t that hard.

As I entered, two men stood behind the customer service desk so I stopped there. The younger of the two spoke first asking how he could help. I told him I had a question, and he assured me he could answer it.

simple questionSo I posed my question:

Pretty simple, or so I thought.

His eyes moved toward the ceiling, as if in thought, and then he told me that he was pretty sure they didn’t but he couldn’t be certain but after all his years in retail, he thought he knew paper stocks pretty well but Avery not so well and if I wanted a better answer I could call Avery direct. WHEW! I wasn’t sure he even caught a breath.

I told him I had one more question, maybe not so simple. Well, he was pretty certain he could answer it.

Question the second was really a bit more difficult about registration and my Word document not printing on the business card stock evenly within the blocks provided for the business card text.

This he could tell me he definitely did not know the answer to because he didn’t really use computers in that way, he only worked on them, and to work on them you didn’t really need to know how to work them so if I wanted to I could go over to the printing service and see if they could help me. I couldn’t walk away quite fast enough!

But that got me no farther along in my quest for answers. They don’t print business cards in-house; they outsource them to vendors and could offer me a list and prices.

I walked to the car and told my husband no one inside had any answers. I’d go home and research my questions online.

As we unloaded the car, I kept thinking about how easy it is to skirt around the issues and not give help or assistance.

I’m so glad God doesn’t turn us away so easily.

I know I’ve asked questions a good deal harder than the ones I posed this morning in my prayers to God. He has yet to turn away and say He’s sorry but He’s just not sure. Even if it isn’t the answer I’m looking for or want, God always answers.

What a comfort to know that, other than my day-to-day technical questions about my computer or a paper stock, God will be ready with an answer to my most heartfelt questions or prayers.

So many times I have felt as though the world were unraveling worse than a spool of thread the cat has decided to play with, or one of our children (all adults now) faces a difficult problem which is not ours to solve, and all we have to do is lift it to God in prayer. Within a short time, there will be an answer.

I hope you have found the same to be true for you.

Do you feel that same assurance? Want to share an experience?


2 thoughts on “He Has Answers

  1. As far as God giving us answers. Yes, sometimes he does. Sometimes it’s “yes,” sometimes it’s “no,” and there are times there is no answer. Or maybe the answer is “wait.” When my sister disappeared in 1982 we did not get answers for a LONG time. And yet, God comforted our aching hearts. My sister was the victim of domestic violence. We finally went to court 9 years ago. Her husband was found “not guilty.” How did this affect my faith in God? He drew me close to himself through all of it. And I think it’s because in pain we see him more clearly. I enjoyed your post.


    • And yes, Anne, there are times when it seems there is no answer. And maybe the answer is “wait.” I am so sorry about your sister, but I am so glad that you were drawn closer to God through all of your loss. Having lost a nephew to a vicious murder nearly 25 years ago, I know the pain of not knowing. It was months before the police found a suspect, and then because there was no evidence to place him at the scene he too was found “not guilty.” I’m glad you stopped by. You always leave great comments that challenge me to think a bit more about what I’ve written and shared. 🙂


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