Meeting God’s Little Miracle

Yesterday we had the joy of meeting one of God’s little miracles. We took a trip out to see our newest great-granddaughter, Parker. And I know every one says every baby is perfect, but looking at Parker it seems God has performed his very best miracle.

Yes, I know some infants are born with horrible problems for their parents to face. And yet, there is life there — the greatest miracle God ever granted is life. But to take an infant and bring it into the world and learn that something is wrong is a terrible thing to face as a parent.

Holding Parker for the first time

Holding Parker for the first time

Our little Parker, and she is little — born 1/13/14 at 6 lbs. 1 oz., is as close to perfect as anything I’ve ever held. I’m told by her mommie, our granddaughter Nikki, that she sleeps well, eats as if on an automatic timer, and even liked her first bath yesterday!

As I held Parker, I sat in awe of her amazingly smooth skin, the downy feel to her hair, her beautiful lips, her long fingers and those tiny nails at the end of each one. Then I got a look at her eyes, already seeming to look at you squarely. And while sleeping, I took a peek at her beautifully formed ears.

No one but our God can create all these components that make up a human form. In Psalm 139:13 (NIV), we read:

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

Think of every organ and limb that goes into creating us, and truly God created us, and then He knitted each of us together in our mothers’ wombs. Such a beautiful image of each little miracle comes to be.

Great-grandpa and Parker

Great-grandpa and Parker

And great-grandpa did get his Parker fix as well. In fact, Parker even looked at him and made some little sounds. Wonder what she was trying to communicate?

Yes, Parker is a little miracle, and not the only one.

Have you seen a miracle of any kind lately? Care to share it with us below?

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2 thoughts on “Meeting God’s Little Miracle

  1. Sherrey, you have captured the beauty and awe of holding a baby in your arms for the first time. So precious! I remember when I held my first grandson moments after he was born. A feeling swept over me and I thought,” I don’t think I’ll ever see the world in the same way again.” Yes, babies are evidence of God’s love and miracles in our lives. I share your joy.
    Sending blessings and hugs,
    PS, you don’t look old enough to be a great-grandma 🙂


    • Kathy, thank you for your beautiful words which mirrored my own thoughts while holding Parker. My vision of the entire world changed in that moment. There is a long story behind my age and the timing of my becoming a great-grandma. 🙂

      Blessings to you,


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