Visit | Five Minute Friday

It’s Friday — time to write with absolute abandon.
Why? Because it’s Five Minute Friday at Lisa-Jo’s and
that’s what hundreds of us do on Friday.

So time to start the ticker and write for
a full five minutes full-out without editing or correcting
on just one word —


As a child, I would hear the word “visit” and excitement coursed through my body. We were going somewhere. It

It didn’t matter whom we were visiting — family, friends, playmates, neighbors, church members — we were going visiting.

When I grew up, this meant a lot of things. It meant “getting cleaned up.” Depending on how much you had played outside that day, it could mean a bath or a “washing up.” Definitely, you changed your clothes. Into something almost as good as your Sunday best.

After all, didn’t these people you were visiting deserve the respect found in presenting yourselves clean and wholesome and, yes, worthy of their time and attention?

Visit meant something special. Special times, special people, special friends, special family. Visiting was just a smidgen shy of a party!


Lots of folks come together to do this every Friday.
Want to read what some of them have written today?
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