Tim Tebow and Kim Kardashian: Why Every Christian Should Own a Bible Background Commentary

Thought provoking post by Stephen Mattson. If you haven’t discovered this blog, you should visit it.

Stephen Mattson

As Christians, it’s easy to skim through our Bibles without realizing the cultural significance of the stories we’re reading. We’ve read through them—or heard sermons about them—so many times that we forget the real-life complexities and layers of information behind certain historical people, places, and events.

Pastors, Seminary professors, and Sunday School teachers often talk about reading scripture within context, but have we really grasped how important it is? Imagine if the Bible was written today?

For example, the following is the exact text of Judges 16:1-6 from the NIV translation of the Bible (the story of Samson and Delilah). I’m not going to change any wording—except the character’s names:

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