Author Christina Rich and The Guardian’s Promise

From Holly Michaels, a visit with author Christinia Rich and her latest release, The Guardian’s Promise.

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1526172_645045618875647_1370039046_n Author Christina Rich’s book, The Guardian’s Promise has been released today: March 1st.

Very happy for Christina, a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. I’m thrilled to have this up-and-coming author on my blog today. Christina will share a little bit about her faith walk and also about her soon to be best-selling novel: The Guardian’s Promise. Take it away Christina Rich:

20140227_112031There was a time when being a Christian meant I had to go to church every Sunday and Wednesday and every other day church was open. It meant I wore skirts. It meant I bowed my head and closed my eyes when I prayed. It meant reciting the sinner’s prayer every time I heard it and asking for forgiveness for all the things I had already repented.

To me, being a Christian was a bunch of rules and regulations. It was filled with the how tos and the how not tos.

Remember the…

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