Take One More Step for Me | Five Minute Friday

It’s Friday — time to write with absolute abandon.
Why? Because it’s Five Minute Friday at Lisa-Jo’s and
that’s what hundreds of us do on Friday.

So time to start the ticker and write for
a full five minutes full-out without editing or correcting
on just one word —


It’s been a dry week or two for me as a writer. You know that verse from Matthew 26:41 (NIV)“The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” 

That’s been me.

I’ve wanted to do so much but with a husband who is almost to the point of not moving, doctor’s offices that forget to submit his preauthorization form for surgery, insurance companies who want to argue with you about that form, a new-to-me church role for a committee charged with searching for a new pastor, and misunderstandings among that committee about my role, AND a chronic condition of mine rearing its ugly head … I’ve collapsed in heap of a pity party.

A friend sent a note which had on its face Psalm 46:10, “Be still, and I know that I am God.”

I placed that notecard on my desk, and I can’t help but see it every minute of every day. God is asking much of me lately — caring for my husband (a brand new role — usually it’s the other way around), handling all the details of his upcoming surgery, meeting with a doctor for myself and getting treatment, and transitioning into a new position at church.

It has been hard to be willing, but I keep hearing that verse from Psalms and then, this voice whispers every so gently, like a parent with little one just learning to walk:

“Just take one more step for Me.”

For God? Just one more step?

How can I not be willing?

REFLECTION: How about you? Where have you been willing, or maybe not? Do you find it hard to be willing when life hands you a mountain full of things to do?

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8 thoughts on “Take One More Step for Me | Five Minute Friday

  1. Beautiful post. Sending up prayers for you as you go through this transition. His hand will strengthen and guide you. I recently took a another step in trusting God with my writing, although I was hesitant. He is my ever present help and rest when I am weary. Thanks for sharing!


    • Abigail, I appreciate your stop along the way. And your prayers and words are appreciated so much. I love “His hand will strengthen and guide you.” Likely what I needed to hear most right now. Thanks for your thoughtfulness.


  2. Sherrey,
    Praying right now that God will give you grace and His strength as you daily take one step at a time into all these new roles; I imagine it can feel overwhelming at times, so one step at a time is great metaphor and practical step…Psalm 46:10 goes well with Isa. 3015 which says”…in repentance and rest you will be saved. In quietness and trust is your strength…” praying God will give you strength each day…sending you a hug 🙂


    • Dolly, I always love to find someone praying for me when they’re leaving a comment. It assures me that God’s strength and grace is passing over the Internet from them to me because they care. Thanks for the reference to the verse in Isaiah — truly comforting. I caught that hug! 🙂


  3. P.S. It is okay to take a step away from writing for a bit with all you have going on, but if you want to…a goal of five minutes of free writing in a journal is always a good keep the pump primed exercise 🙂


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