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We didn’t make it to church yesterday.

We spent most of it in the ER.

My husband had surgery last Tuesday, and unfortunately, we began to notice the vein for his IV site was hardening and sore. A call to his surgeon sent us to the ER yesterday morning.

God blessed us with an amazing ER physician, not to mention the attentive staff of nurses, lab technicians, and pharmacist.

Following an ultrasound and blood work, the ER physician diagnosed with a clot in that vein. With a history of another clot 20 years ago, the doctor called for additional tests to see if perhaps Bob is predisposed genetically to random clots. We’re still waiting on those results.

Bottom line, God saved His life with the good and compassionate care of our new friends and yes, heroes in the ER!


But as all this happened around me, emotions ran rampant–concern, anger this happened following a simple surgery, worry, fear, anxiety–all the things we feel when a loved one is at risk.

This verse of Scripture (Matthew 28:20) came to mind, and a calmness surrounded me. I needed to be assured and at ease for my husband’s sake. Concern and fear shown through his eyes, and I wanted to reassure him that things would be OK. These words were what I needed to do that.

I know God is always with us, but sometimes our emotions overpower our knowledge and good sense.

A message from the ER and me to you today with thanksgiving in my heart.


What about you? Do you always remember God is with you always? Or do you have moments when it seems that you are alone?


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6 thoughts on “Hear It on Sunday. Use It on Monday! | Heroes in the ER

  1. That would be a scary moment! We sent our own daughter to the ER last night (via the phone–we’re 4 hours away) with an allergic reaction, and even though we were worried, I felt more peace than I expected I would feel in that situation. I know it was God at work. So, so thankful for his presence in ways that I can’t control! Glad your husband is okay and I pray no more clots will come back. My daughter is okay too, praise God.


    • Was yesterday designated ER Sunday? And it is so worrisome to have a child, or anyone for that matter, out of our personal reach and touch. Glad to hear your daughter is OK too, and together we can give Him the praise and thanks for His ever-presence in our lives.


  2. So glad you guys didn’t waiver about it and went for help! It is hard to remember God is there sometimes, but I’m so glad you found Him with you through this. prayers and God bless!


    • Jennine, as we drove to the hospital, my husband said he surely hoped it wasn’t a wasted trip. Definitely it was not! I’m so glad he’s willing to take care of himself so we’ll have more years together. And yes, we found God in the midst of it all! 🙂


  3. Sherrey,
    I am so thankful God provided for you and your husband…how scary…and it is hard because we are humans so sometimes our emotions will take over but it sounds like you were able to cling to God’s promise…praying now for your husband’s complete recovery and giving thanks for all the great staff at the ER….((hugs))


    • Dolly, I was taught growing up that God provides for us in every instance, but in an ER waiting for answers and with anxiety roiling within it’s hard to remember. But I know He placed this verse on my heart so I would know He was there taking care of us both. Thanks so much for your prayers and hugs!


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