Lifting Up the People of Oso

If you’ve listened to or watched a news program this past week, likely you’ve heard of the tragedy in Oso, WA. On Saturday, March 22nd, a massive mud slide devastated the entire town sitting north of Seattle. Houses were demolished, cars twisted beyond recognition, family members and friends were lost, and lives changed forever.

Since then, first responders and volunteers have worked feverishly each day in hip deep mud the texture of quick sand in search of life. Some lives have been saved, but many were not so fortunate. Currently, 18 are counted among the dead, and 30 people are still uncounted for.

Many others have responded with help in the form of monetary donations, food and shelter for the responders and volunteer searchers, and others have hugged those grieving.

As I have watched, my heart has stretched its very muscle toward these folks. What can I do to help is the question that reverberates in my mind. What can my hands do to make a difference?

Sitting several hours away and caring for my husband as he recovers from surgery, it at first seems I can’t do much. And then it comes to me.

I can pray.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

Philippians 4:6 (ESV)

It is what we are taught to do–to pray for one another.

I can do this one thing for certain–I can pray ~~

~~ for the mother who lost her four-month old baby girl

~~ for that same woman and her father who
lost a wife and mother

~~ for the family of the young woman whose brother, after
finding her body, committed to return to search
for others only after he had gone home to be
with his mother for a day or so

 ~~ for the first responders and volunteers

~~ for the other workers in the Sheriff’s Department,
the Coroner’s Office, the men and women tracking
records of the missing, the Forestry Service personnel
and more

~~ for those providing food, water and counselling
for the people working this horrific site

OSO Community Chapel on March 23rd displays our flag and a sign reading "pray with us for our community" (via NBC News)

OSO Community Chapel on March 23rd displays our flag and a sign reading “pray with us for our community” (via NBC News)

Once a small logging town which went into decline with greater environmental awareness, Oso is hurting but has a strong spirit. Let us help and respond to their call for prayers.

Q4U: Will you join me in praying for Oso and its people?


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