Did Jesus Really Die?

Children have a way, don’t they? Specifically, they have a way of asking the wrong question at the wrong time, literally.

The following happened about four Easters ago now. And I still remember it with a combination of joy and trembling.

One of our choir members had his four-year old granddaughter with him at the early service (8:00 a.m. – yawn!). Grandma was home getting Easter dinner underway. Monica, the granddaughter, and I were good buddies, and her grandpa asked if she could sit with me before and during the service. Not a problem!

As the service progressed, it came time for the pastor’s Easter message. In it, of course, he made reference to Jesus’ death and resurrection.

At the words, “Jesus died on the cross…,” she turned to me and in a whisper others could hear said,

“Jesus died?”

The stricken expression on her face told me I needed to quickly respond with something comforting. But what would a four-year old understand about death and resurrection? Talk about feeling put on the spot!

Quickly I asked God’s help and just as quickly received an answer.

Giving Monica my full attention and getting down on her level, I quietly told her that yes, Jesus died on the cross as a gift for us. I also told her God brought Jesus to life again.

I then indicated we needed to be quiet, and she should ask Grandpa more about it once they got home.

Her response? “Amazing!”

Yes, Monica, it is amazing and stays so year after year.

Have you ever been put on the spot by a child asking similar questions? Perhaps you’ll be willing to share below if you have.

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