Sunshine on My Shoulders

Our weather is warming, finally. And the rain has stopped, for now.

Living in the Pacific NW can be a challenge for those who dislike the dark gray days, the rain from October to June or July. But this past season of wet and soggy days has seemed mild in comparison to the weather and tragedies others have faced.

Yesterday I worked outside for the first time in a while, and I thought of family and friends who have been in the midst of tornadoes, sirens blaring out warnings, and the fear that comes with powerful storm systems. The weather news carried predictions of another night of storms.

As I raked and picked up fir boughs fallen in high winds, I felt the warm sun breaking through our tall Doug firs. It hit my shoulders, and my sometimes arthritic joints spoke a silent thank you to God for the warmth soaking into my joints.

A gentle reminder that He is always watchful and protecting.

Continuing to work at my cleanup, I uncovered new green shoots pushing through the ground cover fallen fir needles give. So much had already broken through I had forgotten there was more new life to come.

A reminder of rebirth taking place all around me.

The longer I worked the more God offered reminders of His goodness and presence.

And it only took a little sunlight on my shoulders to open my heart and mind God’s wondrous messages.

Gardening with God — and warm sunlight on my shoulders. An exquisite afternoon!

Matthew 2820 NIV



4 thoughts on “Sunshine on My Shoulders

    • Dolly, thanks for stopping by! I sat down and thought I had nothing to write. A tap on my shoulder, a bit sore from yesterday’s raking, and then someone whispered, “Write about me.” I love it when that happens! God is so good to us, isn’t he?


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