On Being Still

Being still isn’t easy.

Not for me at least. And I don’t mean sitting still for a few minutes.

The “being still” I’m contemplating is different.

The “being still” asked of us by God.

Often when I sit down to read my Bible, my body may be still but my mind is buzzing with that day’s list of tasks, errands, and more.

Even when I stop to pray throughout the day or at the end of the day, I’m struggling to remember everything I want to ask of God–not just for myself but for others also. He knows our needs and so often I get so busy wanting to make sure He doesn’t miss anything that I ramble on and on. Once again, I’m not still.

In worship, often I find myself thinking of what’s coming up next in the service or after the service or what someone said before the service. My mind loses focus on the message being shared. My mind isn’t still.

Is it so hard to give God a part of my day that He has given me?

Is it so hard to give God a time of silence and drawing close with Him after all that He has done for me?

Is it hard for you, my friends?

Q4U: If you struggle with stillness and silence in His presence, what do you suggest we can do about it? If you have a solution you’ve found, please share it with the rest of us.

Blessings along your journey with Him,

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2 thoughts on “On Being Still

    • Sara, I thought in retirement I would find the answer to that stillness in me, but it hasn’t happened. I think we’ve gotten busier than ever, what with grandkids and great-grandkids. And our own selfish projects and interests. You capture it so well — “too much in my head and on my plate.” :/


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