THE SHEPHERD’S SONG: The Writing Sisters Link Hearts Together with Psalm 23!

Holly Michaels’ review of The Shepherd’s Song by Betsy Duffy and Laurie Myers, plus an interview with the Writing Sisters, is inspiring.

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I grew up reading Newberry winner Betsy Byars‘ books (the mom of these beautiful ladies on the left). Read them to my children, too. (I always liked the name Betsy. It’s my sweet daughters name!)

Imagine my excitement to discover the daughters of Betsy Byars-Betsy Duffey and sister Laurie Meyers-had teamed up with their mother to write more children’s books and the two continued on as the “Writing Sisters.” They went on to become authors of more than thirty-five children’s novels.


Betsy Duffey and Laurie Meyers (above left) have teamed up with Howard Books and have published their first book for adults, “THE SHEPHERD’s SONG,” an inspirational novel about second chances. LOVED IT! (See my review below).

The Shepherd’s Song: Follow the incredible journey of one piece of paper–a copy of Psalm 23–as it travels around the world, linking lives and hearts with its simple but…

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2 thoughts on “THE SHEPHERD’S SONG: The Writing Sisters Link Hearts Together with Psalm 23!

  1. Hi Sherrey, We are so thankful that you shared this post about The Shepherd’s Song! It was an incredible experience to write the book and now we can share the excitement of sending it our into the world knowing that it takes with it the message of Psalm 23. Thanks for being a part of that sharing. Betsy and Laurie


    • Hi Betsy and Laurie, it was my joy to share Holly’s interview with you about The Shepherd’s Song. I look forward to reading it and reviewing it for others to know the message of the 23rd Psalm. Enjoyed a visit to your site last evening, and find your story as to how you came to writing to be a lovely one! Blessings on your writing, Sherrey


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