Sweet Blush of Spring

Spring comes ever so slowly here in the Pacific Northwest. Just when the temperatures begin to rise and the sun breaks through the clouds, the forecasters boldly tell us that in two or three days we’ll return to the 60s and showers or heavy rain or thunderstorms.

Yet Spring comes with a sweet blush–pink dogwoods, red buds, pink tulips, yellow daffodils, lilies of the valley, and so much more. Spring doesn’t mind the rain–she thrives on it.

Spring also touches the cheeks of children playing at the first hint of a sunny day, no matter the chilly wind or temperature. Their cheeks grow ruddy and rosy, and their laughter is contagious. Spring picks up her skirts and dances along with them. Her winds blow the blossoms from the trees,
and the colors floating through the air like confetti. Landing on the ground, the blossoms’ layer a blanket imitating snowfall.

Spring and children go hand-in-hand, not just in the outdoors or in the sweet blush they wear on their cheeks. Both Spring and children show us a great deal about handling day-to-day problems.

Spring doesn’t care what the weather does.

From the rainfall, she nourishes the plants ready to cycle from under the ground
and up through the soil to become her pallet of colors.
From the sun, she collects the heat of its rays and allows them to seep
through the soil layers 
to nurture each plant as it develops.
Spring delights at the feel of rain and the heat of the sun so she can present her shower of blossoms and plants.

Likewise, children are never daunted by the weather.

Stepping in puddles with muddy rain water is a game.
Sliding in the mud is great fun.
Cold outside? No matter. Just bundle a child up and he will play as long as you let him.
Wind through the hair is a trick played by a friend.
Things blowing around are fodder for children to jump and reach,
trying to catch whatever is falling.
Children are happy in almost all situations.

Bad weather, or perhaps not the kind of weather we want, tends to make a lot of grownups unhappy. Debt, poor health, an unhappy marriage, loss of a loved one, unemployment can or will send many of us into depression.

Why can’t something or someone come along to take care of all my problems is a common cry among our many. Who is to blame? Someone has to be responsible for what’s bothering me. So we become angry. All these emotions work together to make us into one very unhappy human being.

Unlike Spring or children, we let everything bother us. Or maybe it’s just one great big thing that’s troubling. Where is our ability to cope?

He is waiting. Don’t see Him? Right there…walking beside you. God is waiting to help. In fact, He may already have a plan in place but from His perspective it isn’t the right time to carry out His plan. God is waiting to talk with you.

Have you considered praying about your situation? Prayer can be a conversation unlike any other you’ll ever have. God can lift your burdens.

Pretty soon the sun is going to come out. If not above you, the sun will enter your heart, and you will feel warmed and bursting with good feelings, like Spring or those rosy-cheeked children.

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6 thoughts on “Sweet Blush of Spring

  1. There is such comfort in knowing He is always there . . . walking right beside us. Just waiting for us to talk to him. Beautiful post. Grateful to have connected with you. Blessings.


    • Beth, thank you for your kind comments. I know no other way to get through the day other than reminding myself He’s right with me. So glad you stopped in today.


  2. Bless you Sherrey, for sharing your heart here in such a lovely way. I’m with you – there’s nothing as lovely as the sweet blush of spring. I love our Heavenly Father’s invitation to be as little children to come out and play, discovering HIM in every aspect of the season.


    • Pat, thank you for your gracious words. Our pastor closed our service Sunday morning with the hymn, I Danced in the Morning. I don’t know if you’re familiar with it. When he gave his commission and benediction, he closed it with “and dance, every one of you, dance!” And we should be like children, joyful and filled with no inhibitions about expressing our love for Him.


  3. This is a beautiful description of spring…and a good reminder of how we must turn to Him as we are tempted to let our circumstances get us down or angry. He is with us…and all of His joy and patience is too! Blessings to you this spring…


    • Amy, thanks for your stopping in and sharing your thoughts with me. I visited your blog, and I love your blog title. So suited to your ministry! Blessings to you as you continue to write and explore photography.


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