Opposite of Nothing | Five Minute Friday

It’s Friday — time to write with absolute abandon.
Why? Because it’s Five Minute Friday at Lisa-Jo’s and
that’s what hundreds of us do on Friday.

So time to start the ticker and write for
a full five minutes full-out without editing or correcting
on just one word —


Some days I get up feeling like nothing. Worn out, tired already, frustrated by busy full-up days, running ragged. And guess what? I’m not a young mama of two, three or more little ones. I’m a retired grandma.

And still I get up some days feeling like nothing. Why, I wonder?

I have the opposite of how I feel — everything I could want. Loving husband, three grown children, four grands and three great-grands, plus a lovely home and yard, a fantastic church family, friends in abundance, food on the table, money to spend.

Ah, but there’s something better than my nothing, even more spectacular than my everything life here in my little wooded lot.

God takes my feeling like nothing days, mixes them up with the idea I have everything I could want, and shows me that I’ve got it all wrong!

Never is there a day I should feel like nothing because I am His! Never is there a day I should calculate whether I have everything I could want because I have Him!

From nothing to everything in the twinkling of an eye based on an unconditionally loving Father in Heaven taking care of it all.

(Scripture and images added after five minutes were up)

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14 thoughts on “Opposite of Nothing | Five Minute Friday

  1. You’re right! I’m finding as i get older, i need to take my vitamins to always feel grateful 🙂 and a nap doesn’t hurt, either :)… You are right, God is blessing and we can trust Him 🙂


    • Stephanie, I loved reading your words about vitamins and especially the nap! It is so good to feel God’s blessings and to trust Him. Thanks for stopping by. Blessings on your weekend.


  2. Thank you for this. An antidote to the thinking that when my two littles grow up, THEN everything will be fine and I won’t wake up and feel like nothing. I was pretty sure that wasn’t true – but now you’ve confirmed it 😉 Our thinking really is all wrong – there is nothing we don’t have if we don’t have Him. Blessings


    • It goes back to the male vs. female thinking nothing. Women are incapable of not thinking or not being busy. Since retirement and an empty nest, I’ve been more engaged in activities and life than ever before. I’ve also learned to let go of my ideal of the perfectly clean home and let my hair down a bit about life in general. Let the busyness prevail — I have God to keep me from waking up feeling like nothing! So glad you stopped by, and hope to see you here again.


  3. how often do we really have the opposite of what we feel… is that what God’s Word means when it tells us the heart is deceitful above all else… who can know it?


    • Richelle, thanks for stopping by and bringing such an interesting question to the table. Who can know the heart — our own or someone else’s? And yes, at times the heart is deceitful but I believe only because we begin to anticipate something so strongly that we believe we know better than God. Make sense? Hope to see you again soon.


    • Dolly, God is the most gentle of beings, isn’t he? And His love is definitely of the wooing type. And yes, we have great-grands but are much too young to be in that category! Our son married an older woman with adult children who began having babies. He became a grandfather at 39, his wife a grandma at 45, and we became great-grandparents right along with them. But what joy children bring to our lives! Blessings to you on your weekend too! 🙂


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