Lessons from a Cicada

Jen, uses the cicada to teach a beautiful and much needed lesson on patience.

Growing in Faith

Sometimes, lessons come from the strangest of places.

This weekend, I was dog sitting for my parents, and being a horticulturalist, I decided to walk around their garden and fruit orchard, inspecting the health of the plants and the potential apple and plum harvest. As I meandered through the fruit trees, I quickly noticed something abnormal.

There were hundreds, thousands, of shed cicada exoskeletons. Clinging to the trunk and leaves, and scattered in piles on the ground. It was astonishing-the sheer volume of shells. I remembered an email I had received the week before, and shot a message to the “bug lady” at work (which technically should be me, but bugs are not my specialty).

Periodical cicada

It turns out these critters have a fascinating story. They happen to be the periodical cicada, known also as the 17 year cicada/locust. After hatching from an egg, these cicada nymphs burrow into the ground…

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