His Hands | Five Minute Friday

It’s Friday — time to write with absolute abandon.
Why? Because it’s Five Minute Friday at Lisa-Jo’s and
that’s what hundreds of us do on Friday.

So time to start the ticker and write for
a full five minutes full-out without editing or correcting
on just one word —


His hands were the comforting ones. Hers were always too busy.

His hands treated wasp stings so gently. It was their gentleness she told me she fell in love with.

His hands worked hard each day. So did hers, and well past the end of day.

His hands worked weekends in the yard and garden. And so did hers, both outdoors and indoors.

His hands held newspapers and books. Hers didn’t.

His hands placed the worm on my hook. Not hers.

His hands encouraged me to work with him. Hers worked alone by choice.

His hands spanked me once for sassing her over a meal. Hers spanked me many times, often for reasons I didn’t understand.

His hands were the ones I saw when my husband reached for me that first time. Not hers.

His hands were my father’s hands, a mirror image of my Heavenly Father’s hands.

(Image added after five minutes were up)

Lots of folks come together to do this every Friday.
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4 thoughts on “His Hands | Five Minute Friday

  1. Sherrey,
    Oh, what a wonderful testimony to the power of hands to do good and create memories of love…is this your father’s hands contrasted with your mother’s hands?

    Thanks for answering my blog questions on my FOMO post…I enjoyed getting to know you better 🙂


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