Joining Margaret Feinberg | Logging Off and Shutting Down

This morning I read Margaret Feinberg’s post, Why I’m Logging Off and Shutting Down. After reading this post and praying, I decided to join Margaret this week, and open my heart and ears to God’s Word and His calling to me, whether it be in a whisper, an echo, or a nudge.

Will you join us?

See you next Monday!


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5 thoughts on “Joining Margaret Feinberg | Logging Off and Shutting Down

  1. Sherry – I think there are times when we do need to shut off the internet and shut down our computers. Most important is spending time listening to His voice and direction. See you when you return and many wishes for a happy July 4th!


  2. I’ve often considered this, but always thought oh my blog won’t be posted and promoted, etc. But I really think I should do this like once a month! The social media and internet surfing makes me feel “off,” hard to explain.


    • Jennine, I know what you mean by social media and internet surfing making you feel “off.” It does the same to me. When I received Margaret’s post in my inbox and read it, I felt a certain sense of peace even before making the decision to join her. Yesterday and today have felt effortless. Time to do things I always think/say I don’t have time to do. A husband who doesn’t feel overlooked and ignored when he’s trying to tell me something exciting he’s discovered. And so much more — God nearby because I call Him here.


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