Caught Up in the Moments of Every Day

Lately, my mind has discovered the habit of wandering. And therein lies my delay in preparing a post for today.

Technology gadgets

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Technology was hyped for years as a time-saving discovery. With a computer, everything would be easier. Then came the cell phone, iPods, iPads, tablets from every tech manufacturer on the globe, now watches that promise even greater advantages. WHEW!

Unfortunately, it seems to me that technology has come to drive life with intensity and creates more to keep up with daily.

I interact with newfound cyber-friends whose faces I know only from photos. I learn daily something new about writing and devotionals come to my inbox lickety-split!  Some of you direct newsletters to me by email, and soon I’ll be sending a newsletter related to my writing blog and all things writing.

Well, last week I knew I was attending a writing conference starting Friday. Did I prepare for my blogs to have posts up and at the read at midnight last night? NO!

When did I first come to realize this? LAST NIGHT!

Am I embarrassed at my lack of scheduling and coordination? YES!

Despite my techno gadgets and best efforts at an editorial calendar, my excitement over the conference caught me up in a tornado-like whirlwind of activity and excitement last week. My sanity flew out the door with the tornado, and here I am catching up.

Do you ever have days like that? Maybe it’s something else that catches you up and draws your attention away from what needs your attention most.

However, so far I’ve skipped over where my focus should be every day. And if it was on the all important non-technological guide who watches over me, I’d likely not have too many of these mix-ups. In fact, the message is clear in the verse I cling for comfort. I must not have “heard” it last week:

Is there a verse that halts your whirling dervish sense of everyday tasks and life so that your focus goes directly to God so He can direct your actions and steps? If so, I’d love if you shared it below.


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