Saturday Snippets | Quote from Henry David Thoreau

Thoreau simplify


8 thoughts on “Saturday Snippets | Quote from Henry David Thoreau

    • Ceil, I wish I could let go of the details in everything. Not that I want to be absurdly sloppy or not on top of things. I just wish I could let go of the ones I don’t need to obsess over. You’re right — so silly!

      Blessings, friend!


  1. This is the EXACT quote of his hanging on my classroom wall. He is fun to get students thinking about – this quote is from chapter 2 of Walden, which I use to make students consider how they’re spending time and life, etc. always a good convo.


  2. Jennine, isn’t it amazing what we might have in common with another person in this big wide world? I love these words from Thoreau because, as a Type A personality, I’m all about organization and detail … and while I’m organizing and detailing, time fritters away. Glad you are using Thoreau to teach your students! What a bonus for them. 🙂


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