Saturday Snippets | Quotation from Ann Voskamp

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4 thoughts on “Saturday Snippets | Quotation from Ann Voskamp

    • I just love Ann’s way with words, especially considering her choice of topic. I did have her devotional right here on my desk but now that I look around I see that I must have moved it. Ooops! Always glad to see you, Marian!


  1. Love Ann Voskamp. Her message is one I’ve heard before, but the timing and style of her book really hit me. The idea of thanksgiving haunted me…in a good way of course. I have Eucharisteo tattooed on my shoulder. Around it are: thanksgiving, joy, and grace.


    • I love Ann too, Jennine. Her book is one of a kind, and I think her writing style captured my heart with its ordinariness, warmth and plain talk. Love that you have a tattoo of Eucharisteo on your shoulder. That’s a word I will carry with me forever now. It does embody all that you have around it on your shoulder: thanksgiving, joy, and grace. So glad you come by to read.


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