Simply Sunday | Psalm 90:17

Psalm 90_17


4 thoughts on “Simply Sunday | Psalm 90:17

  1. Hi Sherrey! I’m so happy for you in taking that class! How exciting to stretch your gifts and see how you can improve your talents. Wonderful 🙂
    I’ll miss reading you as much, but I totally understand. Hope it’s going well for you!


  2. Hi Ceil! I’m beginning to wonder if I’m not getting in over my head in this class. Intense, lots of homework, amazing content, but am I supposed to be there? And on top of that I’ve injured something in my back, and as a spinal fusion patient, when anything goes wrong with my back, I panic. So I’m stretching more than my gifts this week and patiently waiting on my spine surgeon to get back to me about x-rays, etc. I miss being here too, but it won’t be much longer. Thanks for your loyalty and support.


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