Simply Sunday | 1 Peter 4:8

Bible verse I Peter 4:8




2 thoughts on “Simply Sunday | 1 Peter 4:8

  1. Hi Sherrey! Just checking in, hoping you and your classes are doing well. I just got back from a few days away to visit my daughter’s family, and have a little ‘girls weekend’ with her. It was fabulous! I truly do love her ‘deeply’.


    • Hello Ceil! Nice to see your smiling face here, and happy that you had good times with your daughter’s family. About the class — last weekend in Sept. I did something to my back which has caused unrelenting pain. I had been to two class sessions, missed the third and was going to miss the fourth. The institute has a no refund policy but on a lark, I emailed and asked what they did in the event of medical disability. Whew! They were gracious and have credited me with 1/2 the tuition to use against the same class in either January or April. I couldn’t do anything for several days. And I’ve had every test imaginable that would determine diseases or issues with back pain. My lumbar spine is fused and my spine surgeon looked at my x-rays and was happy that it wasn’t anything to do with that. Start PT tomorrow. Praying for answers and solutions. Sorry to go on so long. Suppose I should have emailed you instead! Too late! 🙂


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