How I Learned to Trust God Again

Today I am honored to be Dolly Lee’s guest at her blog, Soul Stops. Dolly has a series of posts running on the subject of trust. When she asked me about sharing a story of a time when I lost trust, I hesitated to share this particular story that had caused me great pain but decided it is what God would have me do. I hope you’ll join Dolly and me at her blog to read about trusting again.

I stop as my eyes widen at TV footage showing a man knocking down his girlfriend, then dragging her out of an elevator. Soon after, the media highlights more cases of domestic violence.

For the 10th post(*) in our ongoing trust series, I’ve invited my online friend, Sherrey Meyer to share her story of learning to trust God again after suffering emotional abuse from her first husband.

holding hands

Photo used with permission of Flickr CC User: Waithamai

1. Sherrey, thank you for being brave and sharing your story with us. What caused you to lose trust in God?

It’s 1967. Young and naive I assumed I married the right man. We met in first grade. We both came from Christian families. He would finish college soon, and I trusted he told me the truth about his dreams and aspirations. He even pastored part-time.

2. What happened after the wedding?

Six hours into our marriage, I realized I didn’t know him at all.

He taunted me with, “You should feel lucky I married you. No one else would ever want you.” What was Christian about the way he was talking to me?

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