Long, Long Road | Five Minute Friday

It’s Friday — time to write with absolute abandon.
Why? Because it’s Five Minute Friday at Kate’s and
that’s what hundreds of us do on Friday.

So time to start the ticker and write for
a full five minutes full-out without editing or correcting
on just one word —


A long, long road lay before us that summer of 1983.

It started in Hermitage, TN, a suburb of Nashville, and it headed west on I-80 until we connected with I-84.

It was a total of 2,357 miles, and we were driving all the way.

It ended in Portland, OR.


A l-o-n-g and winding road!

We had made a financial decision not to take the moving company offer from my husband’s employer, but instead the costs of the move in dollars and cents his employer offered us. We could rent a U-Haul for much less.

But this meant darling husband would drive the U-Haul and tow his pickup while keeping company with our cat in the truck’s cab. Meanwhile, I would drive our car loaded with one 12-year old son, houseplants, luggage, food supplies, beverages, ice chest plus two dogs–Lhasa apso mixes–who loved to eat houseplants and poop in the car if we didn’t stop often enough.

So maybe we weren’t thinking clearly when we decided to move ourselves and make a little money. Our main thought was showing our son, almost 12 at the time, this good old country of ours. And we did!

Interesting stops along the way included St. Louis, MO; Rock Springs, WY; Brigham City, UT; Twin Falls, ID; and finally Portland, OR! I won’t bore you today with some of the interesting situations we found ourselves in while in these various places. That’s for another day. I’ve only got five minutes.

And in the midst of these interesting situations, the words always in the back of my mind:

I’ll be with you as you do this, day after day after day, right up to the end of the age. ~ Matthew 28:20 (MSG)

I lost count of how many sighs of relief I emitted while remembering those words for 2,357 miles.

That was 33 years ago. It’s been a long time since the story of our lives in Oregon began.


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  1. What a great post about your travels! Even though situations aren’t always what we would like them to be, I think the important thing was that God was right there with you and your plan came to fruition. In conclusion, I’ll bet it was an experience that you and your family will always have fond memories of, even with the challenges along the way. 🙂


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