Weather Lingo and God

Around our home, the first time the TV is turned on each day is for the evening news and weather, sometime around the dinner hour.

Some of the descriptive words used by our weather people have come to be a joke between my husband and me.

Screenshot, Milwaukie weather forecast, Bing

Weather Forecast via Bing

For example, have you ever noticed how often the words “partly” and “mostly” are used? What does it all mean? What is the difference between “partly” and “mostly,” depending on what weather event you’re describing?

The same goes for the percentage of rainfall likely to happen during a certain period: 40% chance of rain, 20% chance of rain, 90% chance of rain. Of course, this is irrelevant as we’re not getting rain at all.

If you look closely (apologies for poor image!), you can see starting Tuesday we’re “partly cloudy,” then “partly cloudy again,” and on Thursday “mostly cloudy.”

Definitely, there are some distinctions that can be drawn here but the other night husband and I were driving along the interstate in Portland, OR. We had the top down on our convertible, and it became clear that we were driving in and out of some partly cloudy, partly sunny, mostly cloudy, mostly sunny skies.

I looked over at my husband and giggling said, “Aren’t you glad God isn’t a ‘mostly’ or ‘partly’ kind of God?” He chuckled and agreed with me.

Ordinary things in our days are great reminders of how steady and sure God is in our lives. Once we accept Him, God is always faithful to watch over us, guide us, and love us.

Not at all like the weather which can be segregated into partly and mostly segments or percentages ranging from 0-100%.

God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He is the same every hour of every day. Every minute of hour, and we go on ad infinitum.


Question: Knowing a God so steadfast and true, how can we go about becoming more like Him? Love to know what you’re thinking.

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Let’s Talk Self-Image

I look in the mirror. Where did that girl from my college years go? Or better yet where did this past-middle-age woman come from?

The image looking back at me from the mirror has a few wrinkles, a couple of age spots (OK, more than a couple), and darkening circles under the eyes.

A band of gray encircles my face because I no longer highlight my dishwater blonde hair now that I’m retired. The gray contrasts with the darker hair creating a ready-made frame.

Where did she go? I know I couldn’t have possibly changed so much. But it’s not just the face.

There are those pounds gained in the baby years, the ones I lost right after, and now I see the joy of having a baby (now 43 years old) represented in shifting shapes– all over my body. Clothes to fit are harder to find and afford, and I’m not ready to look like a little old lady just yet.

How about you? Do you ever look in the mirror and wonder who is looking back at you?

Or do you fret over your changing body, especially if it’s not changing for the better?

Today I come to you with GOOD NEWS!

Go ahead. Get that cup of coffee and pull up a chair for this. I think you’re really going to love it.

So God created humans to be like himself; he made men and women. ~ Genesis 1:27 (CEV)


Yes, God created us in His own image. Men and women. Created us to be like Him.

Because He created us, God loves us. And you know what? He loves us just the way we are because we are His creation.

Young woman too thin

Via Flickr

I cringe when I ponder the impact advertising and social media has on our young women today.

Messages that unless their bodies are certain sizes, dimensions, or shapes the bodies they have are wrong.

Messages that encourage behaviors to lose extreme amounts of weight.

Eventually these young women become unhappy souls.

But God does not want us to abuse our bodies. He does not want us to abuse His creation. We are to love ourselves as He loves us–just the way He made us. We are to be pleased with the image He has created for us. Uniquely for us.

Think of it: Nine months we lay in the wombs of our mothers. Waiting for breath to be breathed into our tiny bodies. Waiting for those muscles to contract urging us forward into the world. In fact, the Bible shares with us that very act of waiting in the womb:

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. ~ Psalms 139:13 (NIV)


You see it took God’s crafting hand and heart to make us who we are. Months of nurturing and crafting, working as though we were a magnificent garment being knitted by hard-working hands. We are specially made.

The following quote is from a letter written by Amy Bloom to Women Everywhere. Her topic is body image, self-esteem, and how to feel beautiful. This is not to say that the Scriptures shared from God’s Word above are not enough to quell our fears and “less than good feelings” about ourselves. However, some may read this who need a word or two from another woman who has “been there, done that.” (You can read the entire article by Amy Bloom here.)

You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.  ~ Amy Bloom


What about you? Do you struggle with self-image, self-esteem, or your body image? Do you know how much you are loved in spite of who you see in the mirror? 

It’s not an easy battle we wage against TV, movies and advertisers. I’d love it if you’d share your opinions and perhaps even a tip for coping with these issues in the comment section below.


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